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    Default Versus versus Versace

    So I bought some Blue Jeans today, almost an impulse buy. I tried some on earlier in the day, and liked it enough a few hours later to go back for a bottle. Sweet, a bit of tobacco, some vanilla, a bit of anise - comforting and easy wearing stuff - great for relaxed holidays.

    However, the tin and bottle are marked Versus. It does say "Made in Italy". Is this a spin-off/licensing trick being pulled by the producer, a re-labelling following some internal reshuffling or a fake. I know some of the Versace products have had the name Versus in the names, so it would makes sense as a spin-off brand.

    The distributor is extremely reputable, selling other authentic products. The bottle looks, feels and smells what I think is genuine, although I'm not familiar with this fragrance. The bottle and top are textured with lion faces. There is a lot number genuinely stamped on the bottle of the bottle. I did like it enough to buy it. I can generally spot knock-offs a mile away, but I detect nothing remotely offensive in this fragrance - and the packaging seems 100% legit.

    What gives?
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    Default Re: Versus versus Versace

    Naw, it's legit. Versus is a Versace brand name. I questioned the same thing when I got mine.

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    Default Re: Versus versus Versace

    Versus is Versace line for pret-a-porter and young people. I saw that brand in Milano last year.

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