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    Default Re: Over did it on December purchases?

    I'm not sure I overdid it, but I did acquire quite a few new frags in the last few weeks. In fact, I thought my collection was complete, until my final frag that I've been searching for for 5 months showed up on eBay today at a very attractive price, and Paypal gave me an additional 20% off, so what could I do?

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    Default Re: Over did it on December purchases?

    Yes, I purchased four 8.4 oz flacons of Creed Erolfa in a matter of weeks, and have been wearing it almost everyday.

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    Default Re: Over did it on December purchases?

    I'm in a very remote part of the country, so out of harm's reach. Or better still, harm is out of my reach. Won't be able to continue buying until well into January. Might be back with a vengeance though. Nothing like catching up on perfume buying!

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    Its all your fault, guys. I saw that the travel sized Amouage XXV was back in stock on Amazon and ordered that!

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