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    Default Looking for a vanilla based fragrance suitable for work wear.

    I'm new to fragrances. My mainstays have been Old Spice, Brut, Aqua Velva Orange, etc. Basically whatever I could find cheap that smelled good. I recently got into Polo, and while I really like it, some days i'd rather smell something a bit sweet, vanilla preferably. Back in High School a friend of my had this vanilla cologne we'd use after gym. For some reason I really remember that scent.

    Right now, i'm looking for a good fragrance that isn't exactly dominated by vanilla, but incorporates it into the fold somehow. I do like wearing cologne to work. I work in a supermarket so it's refreshing to smell something besides the customers and coworkers. Looking for something in the under $60 price range if possible. I am looking for a unique scent, but not too attention grabbing. I work around fairly southern conservative people(that may not matter, but for some reason I felt like mentioning it).
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