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    Default Will you help me choose some samples of Ava-Luxe?

    I have a confession. I suspect my tastes are pedestrian. I don't like a lot of the great classics they're a bit too sophisticated (and heavy) for me. I don't like a lot of modern fragrances because they're too shiny. At the risk of offending, I don't want to smell like poo or candy (with the possible exceptions of Chowards Violet Candies or Turkish Delight.) My final issue is that my sense of smell is strong enough that really big perfumes give me a slight headache, and some fragrances I can't smell at all (Lolita Lempika for example, I have no idea that it smells like. I can't smell it.)

    I'm going to order 10-15 Ava Luxe fragrances to try from Perfumed Court
    I'm settled on Bakir Madame X and Vamp

    So, this is my list, can you help me eliminate those I'm likely to dislike, pick the best of those that duplicate one another and point out anything I really should try but don't have on my list?

    Amber Essence
    *Bakir *
    Bois Exotique
    Bois Fonce
    Cafe Noir
    * Madame X*
    Midnight Violet
    Nag Champa
    Neroli Blossom
    Opoponax Intense
    Sweet Absinthe
    Sweet Patchouli

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    Default Re: Will you help me choose some samples of Ava-Luxe?

    of those you have listed, i have only sampled absinthe and cafe noir. i was not too fond of either. absinthe smelled lke absorbine jr and cafe noir was like coffee candy - too sweet for me. i have three of her fragrances that i absolutely love - kretek, film noir and moroccan mint tea. film noir surprised me because i am not a fan of leather, but i received this as a sample in one of my orders and immediately ordered a full bottle.

    three others that i sampled and liked were kashmir spice, black tea & absinthe, and sweet tobacco. unfortunately, she does not make these anymore and i was too late too purchase them.

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    Default Re: Will you help me choose some samples of Ava-Luxe?

    ThanksThenoser. Lots to think about.

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    Default Re: Will you help me choose some samples of Ava-Luxe?

    I'd avoid Viva. It smells like bubblegum to me; I really didn't care for it at all. Cafe Noir really does smell like coffee. DH got some when he was exploring coffee scents, but ultimately decided that while he likes playing at being a bean connoisseur, he doesn't want to actually wear coffee. I haven't tried Amber Essence, but I like Ambra Tibet quite a lot. "Languidly sensual," I wrote in my notes. I see that civet is a listed note, but it wasn't apparent to me. I'm resampling Chaos right now. I'd dismissed it when I got it years ago because it doesn't really smell anything like Donna Karan Chaos to me. So much that I'm thinking maybe it's not supposed to. It's a green, herbal, incense fragrance and I'm now realizing that it's very lovely in its own regard. I used to have a prejudice against musk until I tried Cashmere Musk. It's very soft, playful, and lovely. Silk, aka Soie, aka Peau de Soie is a nice, soft scent of spices (like allspice or coriander) and cedarwood. Those are some that I've tried and liked; unfortunately, I'm not familiar with anything else on your list.
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    Default Re: Will you help me choose some samples of Ava-Luxe?

    Aha! That's a help, as I really do not want to smell like bubble gum or actually smell like coffee. I think my attraction of Cafe Noir is based in part on enjoying A*Men a lot lately. So, I think I can scratch those too. I became a big Amber convert recently, so maybe I will get both ambers. They're small after all.
    I never smelled Chaos by DK, but I liked the description of AL's so I think I'll put it on the definite list.

    Thanks for the thoughts.

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    Default Re: Will you help me choose some samples of Ava-Luxe?

    Well, I ordered two samplers and a madame X. I can't remember what all I went with, but I did try the Ambra Tibet and the Chaos and avoided the coffee and the absinthe.

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