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Thread: D&g "by"

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    Default D&g "by"

    Is it worth the price? I just ordered 2 bottles, basically blind buy; did I make a smart or dumb decision?

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    Default Re: D&g "by"

    Where did you order them from? I think "By" is excellent, but there have been a lot of fakes going around ebay...

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    Have you tried Prada Amber? In my opinion they are quite similar, with Prada being more soapy and By with more of a focus on amber and leather.
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    Hell yeah you made a smart decision! But only put on about 3 sprays cause this stuff is powerful.

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    Default Re: D&g "by"

    I think it's a relatively safe blind buy if you like Oriental scents.

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    I got both of them on ebay for $90 each, I'm waiting on the second one to come in. I don't want to open the first one till the second one comes in.

    I haven't tried the prada yet, although that sounds very interesting. I may need to sample it.

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    By the way, I'm offering one bottle of "By" for sale at the "Items for sale" forum, so if anyone is interested....

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