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    Default Habit Rouge Habit de Métal

    So I'm researching Guerlain fragrances online, trying to find ones I would like to try out and trying to find some info on where to obtain bee bottles (that's coming up), and I come upon Habit Rouge and then Habit Rouge Habit de Métal. I've never heard of the latter one before and it isn't listed in the directory here on BN. Does anyone have any info on it? If I am correct I think it was a limited edition of Habit Rouge but was it the same juice, just in a different bottle? Any info would be great.

    The second question, was about bee bottles. I think they are absolutely beautiful, and would be the centerpiece of almost any collection, but I can't find too much info online about them(perhaps I'm just looking in the wrong place). Even ebay doesn't have many of them. I'm just curious where one goes to buy them and the sizes/scents they are available in. Thanks guys.
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