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Thread: Smell shape

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    Default Smell shape

    Citrus = triangle - sharp point flat base

    milky=elipse/rounded cloud shape





    smoke= dark milky cloud?

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    Default Re: Smell shape

    Quote Originally Posted by joekingbn View Post
    Citrus = triangle - sharp point flat base

    Milky=elipse/rounded cloud shape

    Smoke= dark milky cloud?
    Vetiver=sword shape (tall skinny sharp triangle)

    Cedarwood=solid rectangular block

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    Default Re: Smell shape

    When my youngest daughter was little, maybe five or six, she used to describe my perfumes as having shapes. Musky things were round and wavey, for instance. Her eyes would glaze over and she would gaze into the middle distance and describe the shapes as though they were right in front of her in some other dimension. And radio stations had smells--the worst was American National Public Radio, which tasted bitter. Over several years she seems to have stopped experiencing smell this way and I sort of miss it. In children this sort of synesthesia has to do with neural/cognitive development, but some adults apparently retain this experience their whole lives. Jimi Hendrix is a famous one, of course--distorted guitar as purple but he apparently saw colors all the time in relation to sound, and not just when he was tripping on LSD. Those of you who experience smells as shapes, do you experience other sorts of synesthesia?

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    Grapheme/colour synaesthesia is most common, I believe. I find that one closely related to sound/colour - since graphemes don't exist separately from their pronounciation, at least not in the literate.
    Leather to me smells very tactile, rough. Like splintery wood. Milky sweet smells silky and malleable, gooey almost. Candy sweet is round and smooth, but also hard. Cedar is a collection of pointy things, like a hedgehog.
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    Default Re: Smell shape

    Fragrances don't have shapes for me, but they do have textures and temperatures. A fragrance can be smooth, rough, hard, soft, creamy etc. The temperature can vary between notes - violet is cool, tuberose is middling, ylang-ylang warm - as well as interpretations of notes - Jaisalmer is a warm frankincense; Incense Extreme is a cold frankincense.

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    No shapes for me either, just colours.
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    Default Re: Smell shape

    I don't this my response to the shape question was an example of synesthesia. Interesting-sounding phenomenon, though! I was probably just being literal (vetiver, being a grass, tall and pointy, and rectangular blocks of cedarwood). Oh, well.

    I do tend to associate colors, relative temperature, and sound/music with fragrances sometimes.

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    Default Re: Smell shape

    Cedarwood. I am just now smelling pure essential oil by Holland & Barrett
    It reminds me of musty wet fallen leaves on a tarmac pavement/sidewalk. It reminds me of slim panatella.

    Haunani said -Cedarwood=solid rectangular block

    It's mainly smokey so a solid shape is not in my thinking, maybe dark grey brown cloud
    I was thinking citrus, what about orange perfume as a smell compared with lemon, lemon seems to be much more spikey, sharper

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    Default Re: Smell shape

    To me scents have colours textures and temperatures or they can be compared in musical terms. A blue fragrance can have different shades. A warm and soft blue would be violet leaves,a sky blue lavender and ice blue would be mints. And so on.

    Many scents I find too complex to define by a colour only. A good sandal oil could be thin stripes of shiny silver and gold on a sand-textured goldish beige for instance. Or feel like slow cello notes compared to the thundering timpani of a black musk.
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