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    Default Capucci de Capucci - mini review and appreciation of

    Wearing this today and reflecting that the Capucci house is one that doesn't get much mention. I've worn for a long time both Yendi and Capucci Pour Homme - Capucci de Capucci was one that I arrived at much later.

    This is a very elegant scent with a gala air to it - very appropriate for Christimas Eve, without any mulled wine spices or coniferous references. There's a rather dry vanilla that asserts itself early on and does not degrade into cotton candy - it becomes an underpinning for the florals and aldehydes that appear shortly thereafter. I notice that the house of Capucci (in the fragrances that I'm familiar with, anyway) uses carnation in a way that does not actually register as "carnation" but adds significant warmth and fullness to its compositions.

    There is something about this fragrance that really conjures up the ball gowns and party dresses that Roberto Capucci was famed for. It's like an olfactory picture of the swish of a sweeping hemline, the whisper of pleats unfolding, the curl of a ruffle. The bottle with its bell-skirt shape and the box, with its lovely graphic of a detail from a Capucci garment, also contribute to the mood. All in all a very well-balanced scent and an extremely well-integrated presentation throughout.

    Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

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    Default Re: Capucci de Capucci - mini review and appreciation of

    Thanks for the review. I've seen this and wondered about it. It sounds like something I should try.
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    Default Re: Capucci de Capucci - mini review and appreciation of

    I tried Capucci de Capucci years ago and recall liking it. The Capucci scent I adored when I first encountered it in a small NYC parfumerie in 1980, though, was Yendi. It was so different from the scents that were taking the cosmetics counters by storm back in Denver. It was so refined and feminine. Capucci de Capucci was also a bit like that. . . .

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