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    Default Just curious - sampling

    I'm curious about whether people purchase samples of perfumes they cannot afford to buy a bottle of.

    I'm eying Amouage Lyric, because I'm terribly curious about it. But I'm afraid I'll love it, and then what?!

    Which got me wondering what the rest of the Basenotes community does. Do you sample those things you can't buy?

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    Default Re: Just curious - sampling

    Yes, In fact for Christmas I got a gift card to to bad it was only 20$, but hey why not just buy a lot of sample for perfumes you couldn't otherwise buy
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    Default Re: Just curious - sampling

    I sample because I'm curious, or I've heard much about it.
    If I love it, I'll find a way to buy it. It eats into my food budget, but you only live once.

    Seriously, I have to really love it enough to buy. Sometimes I will find someone to do a bottle split. I try not too buy too much, I have enough fragrances to last several lifetimes, I also have too many "impulse" purchases that I have to find homes for.
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    Default Re: Just curious - sampling

    Quote Originally Posted by debbborra View Post
    Do you sample those things you can't buy?
    Yes, accidentally. And it has been my undoing.

    I really liked Dia for Men, also. I think I managed to convince myself I didn't like it all that much. Maybe I'll decide I like it again, when I have more money. I wasn't so successful at this mind-game with other scents though.

    Quote Originally Posted by dimples View Post
    Sometimes I will find someone to do a bottle split.
    Yes, that has been my saving grace a time or two. I hope it's not against forum rules to post a link to this scent wiki:
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    Default Re: Just curious - sampling

    I have purchased samples of things that I know I cannot afford to buy in a full bottle size. I want to be able to try the scent, to see if I am really missing out on something special and should therefore save up my pennies to buy, or if I can easily go on without it in my life.

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    Default Re: Just curious - sampling

    If I really love a fragrance (and I may need to beg or buy a sample or two to determine that fact) and if I can't afford it yet (always that operative word, "yet"), I'll sell something I am not using to get the money to buy the fragrance. We all have stuff we don't use and which is taking up space. Consign it, sell it!

    Once I know for sure that I want the perfume, I prefer not spend any more money on samples of it, in order to save up faster for a full bottle. I don't buy decants; if I don't want it enough to buy a full bottle, then I don't really love it. And I'm getting away from buying fragrances I don't absolutely love. I have too many fragrances already that I don't care for much, which I plan to find new homes for.

    Currently I'm debating about getting L'Artisan Fleur d'Oranger 2007. I haven't really decided yet: is it a true love or only a momentary obsession? And perhaps there is another orange blossom scent I may prefer instead. This fragrance is so costly that it is worth my while to wait and consider how I really feel about it. In the meantime I am busily accumulating the money so that if I do decide to buy it, the funds will be available.

    If I eventually buy it, I will enjoy it all the more for having waited for it. And if I don't buy it after all, I'll still have set aside the money for other fragrances to buy in 2009. Can't lose.
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    Default Re: Just curious - sampling

    So far, I've been sampling to *learn* more than anything. I've had the good luck not falling in love with extraordinarily unaffordable things so far, but I think I'd have taken it in my stride if it had happened. I simply don't have much cash hanging about doing nothing, so buying anything over 60€ is quite simply out of the question right now. Having made that decision beforehand helps keeping my resolve, I think.
    Even so, I probably have avoided sampling very expensive stuff simply because those samples cost more, too. I figured I'd rather get a wide selection of relatively cheap samples to start me off bfore investing in the more costly samples without having any sort of reference. Works for me, so far.
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    Default Re: Just curious - sampling

    I have no problem sampling something that I can't afford. I figure that if I do fall madly in love with it, I:

    - Could save for a long, long time for it.

    - Could buy a few more samples and wear them on special occasions, or dole them out to myself drop by drop just for personal sniffing.

    - Could buy a decant.

    And if a perfume seller has a major sale, I'll know what to check for.

    Plus, I like to know what all the fuss is about.


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