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    Default Narrowing it down...Help!

    Ok, so I'm pretty much completely new to the fragrance world. I am a 16-yr-old male trying to find something, essentially, to get some nice comments from the ladies. Same as most of us, I'm guessing!

    Now, I KNOW that my perfect fragrance is out there somewhere, because a mate of mine so frustratingly was wearing something utterly perfect BUT couldn't remember what he put on in the morning. Doh.

    I am looking for something along the lines of warm yet fresh, if in doubt more of the sensual warmth - that is, as long as it DOESN'T smell like an older man's frag!

    I have been doing some serious reading of good reviews and recommendations, and have compiled this list:

    Millésime Impérial – Creed (although it doesn't last long...?)
    Green Irish Tweed – Creed
    Geir – Geir Ness
    L'Eau (Bleue) D'Issey pour Homme – Issey Miyake (perhaps the original is fresher?)
    L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme – Guerlain
    Rive Gauche pour Homme – Yves Saint Laurent
    Rochas Man – Rochas (womens-look this for men??!)
    Body Kouros – Yves Saint Laurent
    Himalaya – Creed

    and some possbilities of what my mate could have been wearing:

    Jump – Joop
    Dior Homme
    The One for Men – Dolce & Gabbana
    Terre D’Hermes - Hermes

    although he also has many others, the lucky bloke him.

    PLEASE - some help narrowing this down to my preferences before I go and try to sample some??

    Cheers now!


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    Default Re: Narrowing it down...Help!

    Welcome to Basenotes!

    Admittedly, I don't think you need to narrow down your list. IMO, you should sample ALL of them (not buy them, mind) to get an idea of the type of fragrance and notes YOU like. By narrowing down your list, you would be limiting yourself to (possibly) a few select fragrances and here at BN, we encourage expanding your fragrance horizon by trying everything!

    However, I would definitely suggests sampling the Creeds in your list (though they are expensive), and Terre d'Hermes. Also, just out of interest, where in the UK do you live?

    Best wishes,

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    Default Re: Narrowing it down...Help!

    Unfortunately, nowhere near London where most Creed retailers do seem to be. Thanks for choosing a few to start with though!
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    Default Re: Narrowing it down...Help!

    I think you can try allll of the scents you just posted there. The best you can do would be to grab samples for each of them and wear them on your skin to see how each scent develops. Buying scents right after testing them on paper tends to lead to disappointments (my personal few let downs - Terre De Hermes, Kenzo pour Homme etc).

    Somehow, for me, scents that I don't quite get at the first wearing starts to grow on me after sometime, and scents that I adore at first sniff kinda bores me after a few wearings. Patience is rewarded when you're choosing a scent

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