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    Default Re: SA gave me her card

    I say just go for it, whats the worst that could happen? restraining order? bahhh! just toss them to the stack with the other ones. A divorce? an std? you got to take chances, ask her out!

    (I would be to scared too)

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    Default Re: SA gave me her card

    Uhm... I get cards all the time from SAs, but I mostly shop at Barney's and sometimes Nordstroms.

    Who knows? If you feel like it, I mean, it can't hurt to follow up... sort of. But it's really context.

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    Default Re: SA gave me her card

    Danho and SA sitting in a tree...
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    Default Re: SA gave me her card

    Quote Originally Posted by TwoRoads View Post
    ubuandibeme, I'm shocked!

    Is that what people call it these days?

    Seriously though, I agree wholeheartedly with your comment.
    I have a way with words!!! LMAO! At age 46 I sometimes say things that make me seem like I'm about 86...which my lovely daughter reminds me of regularly!

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    Default Re: SA gave me her card

    never had it happen at dillards but have had it happen at nordies and saks
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