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    Default Suggestions for female fragrance as gift

    I'm thinking of getting my SO a female fragrance as a gift. I'm still not sure if it's a good idea, but I wanted to see about getting some suggestion from the board. Background: she doesn't wear fragrances, but I don't think she is opposed to them. She likes fragranced bath soaps and body washes. Unfortunately, I do not know the names of the soap scents she has. I do know that she likes this shower gel from Lush:

    I'm not sure how the shower gel would translate to fragrances, but I thought I mention it since I don't have much to go on.

    According to her, she likes "clean, powdery" scents. Vague, I know. So I guess she'd want something subtle and not to loud. One time we were smelling some samples in a magazine and she didn't like any of them and neither did I. I think most of them were "popular" celebrity fragrances. So none of those. I think she'd like something that is classic or timeless yet has modern appeal, or alternately a "modern classic" if you will. It doesn't have to be something that came out originally way back when. But I don't think she'd want something that everyone else is wearing either.

    Should I get her some samples before buying the bottle? Or perhaps take her to a store like Sephora, Nordstroms, or a boutique and let her pick something out? What do you think?

    One more thing: I'm a grad / professional student so I can't really afford anything over $150 or so. So no Creed, Bond no.9, etc.
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    Default Re: Suggestions for female fragrance as gift

    Try L Occitane products.....Will be perfect for her. Very natural and classy as well.

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    Default Re: Suggestions for female fragrance as gift

    When I think of "clean, powdery," I think of the following:

    Donna Karan Cashmere Mist
    Burberry Brit
    Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue (everyone is wearing it, though)
    Clean (multiple varieties)
    Bvlgari Pour Femme
    Prada Infusion d'Iris

    Some vintage/vintage-like ones that might fit the bill:

    Chanel No. 5
    Pucci Vivara

    You might try buying one of the samplers from Sephora:

    You buy a sampler, she gets to try several different scents, and you trade in the certificate for a full-sized version of one of 8-10 fragrances she can choose from.
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    Default Re: Suggestions for female fragrance as gift

    Hi, my suggestion is something from the Be Never Too Busy to Be Beautiful line, the same people who make Lush.

    Also see this interview on Basenotes...

    They are absurdly cheap but people have raved about the line. But I don't see any stores in the US for this line, so you might have to write to them - might be a good idea and ask them to suggest something that migh complement the shower gel she likes, given they make that too! By the way, Lush does make a solid perfume version of The Olive Branch, the shower gel your SO likes so thats a good place to start.

    But your other option of taking her to Sephora and sampling some fragrances to narrow down her choices sounds like a good idea. Clean, powdery scents? Prada Infusion d'Iris might be a good start...
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    Default Re: Suggestions for female fragrance as gift

    L'Occitane might be one good choice, but I do not remember powdery scents in the line...
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