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    Default aa more grown up everyday frangance for an older teen/young adult.....

    okay, i am a female and i'll be 18 in a month and am asking for a bottle of parfum that can be use everyday. i was shocked to learn that younger people like14 are using it! nonetheless, i've gotten a 1.7 oz vera wang flower princess eau de toilette for this christmas and it was my first frangance ever. well it wasnt my $ but feel that it such a waste because you could have bought me eau de parfum for the same rediculous price. the scent, though flowery which is the scent i'm l'm looking for, Princess's target was for a younger crowd, well, at least that was how i felt because after 10 mintutes or so, it got real citrusy like a spicy orange which was ick, something that a middle school 14 years old would wear.
    on the other hand, my ma got Black Amethyst body products from bath and body works and it was the smell i am looking for. I just went "ahhh..". It was a heavy floral and rich scent. but reading some reviews (ie it seem a bit too strong for your everyday classroom, plus it was eau de toilette. She also use Donna Karan Cashmere Mist eau de toilette(i can recognize that bottle anywhere! lol) for the past two years and I LOVE LOVE the smell! i use to sneak into her room and spray some on myself! it has this perfect garden smell and lingers in my room until like the next day but its eau de toilette... so asummingly, i want a romantic flowery top and mid notes and base note of vanilla, musk and sandalwood or the likes,..and nothing fruity (that lemony/orangy smell make me have a headache for some reason)...
    I've been scanning & going through macys, smelling parfum for three days and is in love with Dior J'adore but maybe its still too heavy for school i think.
    i'm not looking for an expensive perfum (in fact, a $60 budget for a typical 1.7 oz eau de Parfum sounds fair) but i want a step up from the eau de toilette when i get to college in a few months. so...if anyone know a subtle smelling parfum in that budget without a girlishy childlike citrusy smell, i would like a reccommendation. thank you.

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    Default Re: aa more grown up everyday frangance for an older teen/young adult.....

    Awww, I just purchased Flower Princess....and I'm 43 ! Mind you, it is Summer here, and its a nice warm weather floral.

    It sounds like you like heavier fragrances, and if you don't go overboard, I'm sure you can wear them to school. I'm sure your friends ( or others ) will soon let you know if you are suffocating them

    Perhaps you could speak to some nice sales assistants and ask for samples to try out. You could explain that you are looking for a special 18th Birthday gift, and want to sample so you know what to ask for !! Have you tried any Chanel or Guerlain scents ? You may enjoy some of their offerings, if you are after something more mature smelling ( maybe Coco Mademoiselle ?? ).

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    Default Re: aa more grown up everyday frangance for an older teen/young adult.....

    My daughter is just 19 and she loves to wear Serge Lutens Datura Noir (quite a heavy vanilla - and way too much for me!). She mostly goes for florals, and avoids orientals like the plague, but I've noticed her taste is changing, and she's wearing more sophisticated concoctions recently. She fell in love with Calvin Klein Secret Obsession at the same time I did - and that's definitely an oriental.

    I totally second the suggestion for Coco Mademoiselle. I wear it myself and so does my daughter - heavy on the patchouli, but absolutely gorgeous on the right type of skin. It can be utterly breathtaking.

    Have a good old experiment and try not to think too much about whether or not it's appropriate, just go with your own instinct. If it smells great on your skin and you feel comfortable wearing it, there are no rules. If it's right for you, you will exude confidence when you wear it, and that's one of the truly wonderful things about perfume.

    For girlishly childlike citrusy, I'm inclined to suggest Elizabeth Arden Green Tea (although it's not citrus as such, but it is sharp, and very clean smelling. I love it, so does my daughter, and it's not expensive). But I think from what you've said, you'd probably prefer something warmer than that...

    You could try Bvlgari - Omnia Crystalline is a lovely light fragrance, and if you want something heavier, you could try Omnia - or mix them for a whole new fragrance.

    Have fun! I wish I were your age and starting all over again on this magical olfactory journey...
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    Default Re: aa more grown up everyday frangance for an older teen/young adult.....

    I'll second the rec on Bulgari's Omnia Crystalline and add to it the newer True Religion or maybe even the Burberry line of fragrances.

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    Default Re: aa more grown up everyday frangance for an older teen/young adult.....

    Why do you want to stay away from EdT? Do you know what the difference is between EdP and EdT? It's not like one is ' less' than the other or more suited for a non teen crowd. It means that in theory the EdT contains less pure parfum but also often that the composition of the fragrance is a little different. But from your post I get the feeling you look down on EdT's which is a bit odd.

    I'd suggest Coco by Chanel if you don't overspray it ( forget the mademoiselle imo)
    But once you get locked into a serious perfume collection, the tendency is to push it as far as you can.
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    Default Re: aa more grown up everyday frangance for an older teen/young adult.....

    A lot of people have a problem with Coco Mademoiselle because of the ingredients, it makes me allergic and I've read others say it makes them sick. Smells beautiful, though... the lotion doesn't contain that chemical and is very wearable.

    I wore whatever I wanted in high school and college and they weren't light scents, either. Pick what attracts you, imo.

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    Default Re: aa more grown up everyday frangance for an older teen/young adult.....

    I wouldn't avoid eau de toilette on principle - it's just a different strength of the same or nearly the same scent. It's possible (I never specifically noticed) that scents aimed at teens are more often in EDT strength because that strength may be more affordable for a teen budget, but plenty of adult scents are also available in EDT.

    Plus, I have bottles of eau de parfum from one brand that are less strong, and have less lasting power, than bottles of eau de toilette from another brand. So it really comes down to the specific product.

    I _would_ ensure that you're sniffing the strength that you'll eventually buy - the scent is not necessarily identical in the different strengths, plus I suspect (I don't know enough to know) that different strengths may develop differently on your skin. Several months ago I bought the EDP of something that I tried on my skin in EDT on the theory that the EDP is just stronger and better, right? Wrong. A note (cypress) that was just right in the EDT was too prominent for me in the EDP.

    I have a bad tendency to want to recommend whatever I'm in love with today. So today I say, try Chanel No. 19!


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    Default Re: aa more grown up everyday frangance for an older teen/young adult.....

    Quote Originally Posted by Crayfish View Post
    I have a bad tendency to want to recommend whatever I'm in love with today.
    You're not alone in that, believe me.
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