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    Default Ange ou Demon Eau de Parfum versus Pure Perfume

    I sampled both the Eau de Parfum and the Pure Perfume versions of Ange ou Demon today. I'm curious if others have had similar experiences about the differences between the two.

    The Pure Perfume was a small sample decant from Nordstrom's.
    The Eau de Parfum was a manufacturer's spray sample vial.

    Pure Perfume: Really smells of patchouli to me. After the fruity-candy opening, all I can really smell is patchouli. Maybe a little tiny bit of incense. But mostly patchouli. Candied patchouli. Very little sillage compared to the Eau de Parfum. I actually think a guy could wear this one easily.

    Eau de Parfum: Sharp alcohol opening. Definitely more fruity-candy than the Pure Perfume. When I first tried this, my first impression was that of Fruit Stripe gum. (the kind with the colorful zebra mascots) A lot less patchouli, as well! (Thankfully for me.) After maybe 5 minutes, I can smell an incense-y like smell up close, but it disappears with distance. From a distance, it's more candy-melon smell than incense. I really don't get much patchouli, so much as this incense smell. Sillage is larger than the Pure Perfume.

    What are all you guys' impressions?
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    Default Re: Ange ou Demon Eau de Parfum versus Pure Perfume

    Haven't seen the pure perfume here, but then again I haven't looked in that case in a while. I smelled the EDP and it reminded me of licorice and Brut mixed together. It also smells similar to Angel to me. The EDP didn't work well on my skin. However, the EDT (Tendre) smells absolutely wonderful on my skin. I agree that a man can definitely pull this one off. I will look for the pure perfume next time I go sniffing.
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    Default Re: Ange ou Demon Eau de Parfum versus Pure Perfume

    I did like the smell of this, but my wife didn't. I think that applied to both EDT and EDP (it was a while back). If you gals think a guy could pull this off, I may just get a sample.
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