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    Question Fragrances, Colors and Seasons

    Looking back on what I’ve worn this past year, it occurred to me that I very often make my choice of SOTD based on the color of the clothing I am wearing that day. For instance, if I’m wearing lighter colors, I tend more to the citrus type fragrances like L’Eau d’Issey PH. I'm more likely to pick Himalaya when wearing blue. If I have business meetings, and I’m more likely in white shirt or french blue with a blazer, I’ll gravitate more to something in the classics like Bois Du Portugal. But when wearing earthier tones, browns or darker colors, I go for the woods, spices, leathers and tobaccos.

    It may be that the colors I wear, and the fragrances I choose, are more a reflection of the seasons of the year which are a big influence on the colors we wear. Lighter colors in spring and darker earth tones in winter.

    Do any of you tend to think of fragrances in terms of colors, or am I just making an association with season via the dominant colors of that season?

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    Default Re: Fragrances, Colors and Seasons

    Absolutely, I do the same thing. I posted a thread on this a long time ago. I actually feel like it clashes to wear the wrong colours with the wrong fragrance!

    I don't know if my main influence is the colour of the bottles or the actual properties of the fragrance.

    A few of my combos

    GIT goes with purples and blacks
    Cuir Mauresque for oranges and reds
    Vetivers go with Browns and Greens
    Things like Bois du Portugal and Equipage also browns
    Black Aoud with purples and blacks
    Chergui, Red Vetyver, Fou d'Absinthe with reds
    Tea for Two with greens, browns, reds
    Encens et Lavande and Gris Clair with turquoise, grey, blue

    I could waste all day on this!
    Parfums d'Empire: Fougére Bengale

    Sa Majesté La Rose

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    Smile Re: Fragrances, Colors and Seasons

    It's good to know that one's selection method isn't totally nuts!

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    Default Re: Fragrances, Colors and Seasons

    I didn't say that - I just said I do it too!
    Parfums d'Empire: Fougére Bengale

    Sa Majesté La Rose

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