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    Default Recommendations of unique frags for a 17-year-old?

    Hi Basenotes.
    I'm 17. To be honest, I'm quite new to fragrances even though I have been interested in them for like 2 years. previously, I was in an all-boy school so fragrances were not really necessary, but next year I'm moving to a co-ed school, so I'm considering using some frags, and I hope some of you can give me your advices
    I intend to buy like 3 or 4 frags, with diff types, you know, like one musk-based, one citrus/fruity/floral, one spicy, one woods, one aquatic etc. However, I'm looking for some unique smells. A lot of people at my place are using cool water and ck one summer, but I want to use something different and more unique. I'm intending to buy these frags:
    -Be Delicious or Red Delicious, I haven't chosen between these two yet, my sis told me Red is better but reviews for Be Delicious is better.
    -Marc Jacobs For Men: This one my frens told me is nice and elegant. However, it seems like this one is for mature men?
    -Lolita Lempicka au masculin: sweet smell?
    -Guess for men
    -ck in2u pop: I dont know abt this, this seems fairly popular
    Can you guys give me some advices, or reviews on those frags I mentioned? And pls feel free to give your recommendation, I would really appreciate them. I would want to be more specific, but my knowledge about frags is limited, sorry.
    Btw, I'm living in Singapore, so it is like summer all-year round. can you take that into consideration when you think of your recommendation? that would be great
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    Default Re: Recommendations of unique frags for a 17-year-old?

    Welcome to Basenotes!

    I'm 17 too and go to an all-boys school (though co-ed for 16-18yo). I use to have Red Delicious but it just wasn't for me. It was really quite synthetic and had a weird boozy-apple accord which I didn't like. I gave it away to a friend in the end. However, the scent might be what you want, so go for it if you like.

    Lolita Lempicka is a good choice for a sweet-ish fragrance. I have it myself (though I don't wear it very often) and I love the anise/liquorice notes in it. I think you should try Terre d'Hermes (widely available). It's a citrus-woody fragrance and a lot of BNers love it too.

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: Recommendations of unique frags for a 17-year-old?

    Thanks a lot Ayel. May I ask which time of the day should I use terre d' hermes?

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    Default Re: Recommendations of unique frags for a 17-year-old?

    Admittedly, fragrances can be worn any time of the day.

    On a serious note though, TdH is probably an anytime fragrance, though probably daywear for school time.

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    Default Re: Recommendations of unique frags for a 17-year-old?

    Thanks. I also thought fragrances can be worn anytime of the day, but I read some articles saying that certain frags are only suitable for evening wear or daytime wear. If I'm not wrong, citrus or woods frags should be for daytime activities and spicy or musk-based frags should be for a night out, is that true?

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    Default Re: Recommendations of unique frags for a 17-year-old?

    Generally, yes, but that doesn't stop a lot of BNers wearing orientals during the day.

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    Thumbs up Re: Recommendations of unique frags for a 17-year-old?

    BIN: Marc Jacobs is a bit of a bore, though I suppose someone, somewhere could find it 'elegant' (?) To me it smells mostly like suntan lotion, but that's just my subjective and infallible opinion

    I wish I could tell you to spend your cash on Creed's Himalaya or Erolfa--you'd be the best smelling 17 year old in town but soon go broke . . .

    However--Yes I do understand your plight about 'summer forever.'

    Here in LA we've got a desert with some humidity -and about 2 months of cool weather, period. The rest of the year might as well be The Sahara.

    Now Singapore's got high humidity on top of the heat so perhaps your best bets are variations on acquas or citruses that are upbeat and interesting.

    Check these out in the review section:

    1. Perry Elllis 360 Red
    2. Ferrari Black
    3. Quasar
    4. Versace l'Homme
    5. Caroline Herrera's 212 H20

    As to Lolita Lempicka you'd better save it for the night. Or if you want to be totally demented in a cool way you might give a whiff to Xeryus Rouge, (cactus flesh?) about as sweet as LL and more interesting.

    Should everything else fail to be elegant AND young, AND a babe magnet, there's John Varvatos--in very sparing doses.


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    Default Re: Recommendations of unique frags for a 17-year-old?

    I'm sorry for bumping this thread up, but I have some questions I like to ask
    I recently tried out Terre D'Hermes, I really liked it, but people are saying that may be the perfume is a bit too strong and woody to be used for summer and daywear, even tho I read reviews and your advices saying that it can be used for any season, esp. summer, and during anytime of the day. Is it due to my skin's chemistry or sth?
    Secondly, I sampled Ice Men by Thierry Mugler and it smelled to my nose exactly like Terre d'hermes. Because I'm qa newbie at this, I can't recognize the notes in Ice Men. I want to ask whether these two perfumes do smell similar?

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    Default Re: Recommendations of unique frags for a 17-year-old?

    Hi Bin,

    The best advice I think ANYONE can give you - particularly when starting out on this fragrance journey at a tender age, is to not give a sh*t about what "other people say". I would strongly recommend you wear the Terre d'Hermes if it smells good to your nose, and you feel good wearing it. Its best not to get caught up in if "something works" for summer/day/night/winter and so on - because the nose you ultimately need to please is your own!

    With regard to the Ice men and TdH - these scents are more dissimilar than they are similar. But this comes with time - your ability to differentiate scents and accords will grow as you come to sample and experience more. You liken the TdH to IceMen because you have a rather limited palette of perfumes to draw comparisons with. Just go out there and spray and sample like mad!
    I wish you all the best!
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    Default Re: Recommendations of unique frags for a 17-year-old?

    welcome to basenotes first of all! hera are some suggestions:
    musk-based: Narciso Rodriguez for him
    citrus: Terre d'Hermès
    fruity: Dior Higher
    floral: Dior homme
    spicy: Cartier Declaration
    woods: Cartier Roadster
    aquatic: L'eau d'Issey

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    Default Re: Recommendations of unique frags for a 17-year-old?

    Here is a thread I started when I was searching for a scent for my son, who is 14. Of course he is younger than you, but the suggestions were great. He ended up with United Colors of Benetton Man.

    Also, for myself, getting a bunch of samples is a great way to learn and try new things. There is a very good thread about samples in the Men's fragrance section. The Perfumed Court has many samples and good customer service.

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    Default Re: Recommendations of unique frags for a 17-year-old?

    I'm 17 also and I too just started getting into fragrances. One that I really think you should try is Unforgivable by Sean John. Anywhere that sells cologne will probably have a tester of it out. It doesn't smell incredible right out of the bottle but if you give it a chance on your skin I think you'll be surprised. From what I hear if you're looking for something to get the girls' attention this is it (I got a compliment on it from a girl the first time i wore it. A lot of people will tell you to wear what you like and not worry about anyone else but hey a little attention from the girls is awesome right? lol).

    Be Delicious is the only one you listed that I've smelled. I remember liking it but not enough to spend the money on it. I think there's better out there personally.

    Another one you might want to check out is Burberry London. At first I thought it was a little too sophisticated for someone our age. But now I think it's great. Smells like fresh, unsmoked cherry cigars. If you want to smell different I guarantee no one else at your school will be wearing it. Second favorite behind Unforgivable.

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    Default Re: Recommendations of unique frags for a 17-year-old?

    yeah you know go for what you like in the end. i would say chanel allure homme would be nice. its just really nice and not alot of teens that i know of wear it. there still stuck in the age of issey miyake and adg.

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