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    Default blue sugar question

    Hey everyone!

    Little question here about Aquolina's Blue sugar. Being a gourmand fan, i decided to give this a try at my local drug store and to my surprise, it was actually not so bad, very sugary/caramel sweet and reminded me of Angel... So since it was only 19.99$ i bought it. After trying it on again, i got a totally different smell, it was more like a burnt licorice smell that was just too overwhelming!! i do like the smell of anise a lot (Lolita being one of my favorites) but this just was too much!

    So my question is this, is it normal to get a complete different smell from the same fragrance on two different occasions? and what do you think about that one in particular?

    I'll still give it a chance to see if i change my mind, maybe i sprayed too much the first time...?

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    Default Re: blue sugar question

    Happens to me all the time...
    I think it has to do with 'doorway' scents, scents that open a ddorway into a notes realm you have never been before...
    Here is how it happens: you smell a fragrance that contains notes in a combination that you haven't smelled before and therefore only smell the notes you are familiar with. The next time you smell it however, you smell everything else in there and it can come off as very different from what you remember smelling before.
    If you want an instateneous example, take 2 random colognes, spray one on one arm, sniff, note the notes...then spray the second on your second arm, sniff, then sniff the first will smell different everytime you do it. Weired ahn? For this reason, I try to sample a second and a third time before taking the plunge or writing a review.
    Also, it is a terrible idea to sample 2 different colognes at the same time for the first will never get the true fragrance of each (only do that if you want to compare the 2). Best way is to sample one fragrance at a time, and best to do it first thing in the morning and wear it for the entire day...then make a judgement.
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    Default Re: blue sugar question

    ...also, Blue Sugar seems to get more intense as it dries down....liked the initial blast then I just couldn't take it anymore...
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