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    Default Intensity/ Quality of scent in "deodorants"?

    The only time I ever bought a "deodorant" version of a scent was old Rive Gauche. In fact, I had everything Rive Gauche for a while. I remember it being quite strong, and true to the fragrance, but that was almost twenty years ago!

    I see deodorant sprays of scents I like here and there, and I am tempted, but I want to be satisfied. Does anyone purchase these with their favorite scents?

    I am asking particulary because there is site at which I shop, offering 3.5 oz Diorella perfumed deodorant spray for like 28 dollars American. It's in a glass bottle, looks like Diorella, and it is so tempting.. I go through Diorella pretty quickly, and I thought this could help. I assume it isn't only for underarm use, but also to be used as a body spray ala European deos??

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    Default Re: Intensity/ Quality of scent in "deodorants"?

    I don't typically buy fragrances in deodorant strength, but I do have two: Vanille Tonka and So Varens. The Vanille Tonka actually has a dual label: Deodorant/Eau de Toilette Legere. In my experience that's exactly what they are: light versions of the EDT.

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    Default Re: Intensity/ Quality of scent in "deodorants"?

    I do like deodorant sticks with my faves. I always add scent to my unscented deo, but I find that the deodorants created by the fragrance makers have better longevity and maintenance of the key notes - presumably because they adjust the fragrance composition to the more challenging chemistry of the deo. You can often smell the difference between the EDT and the deo/shampoo/aftershave, but worn together, they generally have an excellent overall effect. When I triple up on Gucci by Gucci products, I get far better longevity, sillage, and maintenance of heart notes over the day.
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    Default Re: Intensity/ Quality of scent in "deodorants"?

    The one scent I've used that has deodorant, body lotion and shower gel to match, that is absolutely true to the fragrance and IMO worth the money is Dior Addict. Since you're inquiring about Diorella (which I adore too!) and we're dealing with the same design house, I'd be inclined to go for it! I'll bet the body products will be high quality, just like my experience with Addict. Keep us posted, will you?! I'd love to hear if the deodorant is good.

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