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    Default Question for the Females

    Hey. Hope everyone has a great New Year. I have a basic question and wanted to ask the females instead of the males. I'm married and have a wife and a child..16 mos and I have another one on the way...another daughter. Anyways, my wife used to love my scents but since having a child and being pregnant again she has kind of rebelled against some of my scents and doesn't want me putting them on and then picking up the kiddo because then she smells like them all day. All understandable. She does love some of the scents though....I own Burberry London(her fave because it was a wedding and honeymoon scent), TdH(I like it and I've had no complaints), Bulgari Aqua(no complaints) and Polo Modern Reserve(more for me than her) question is what is your favorite male scent that would be good for an attorney/husband/38 year old but still be classic/professional/sexy and not overdo it. I'd like something that is nice but not overwhelming. I just thought you guys might have ideas from husbands and what you have smelled on guys. I wear TdH now but it is misted where I walk through and on after the shower, not on clothes.
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    Default Re: Question for the Females

    I'd suggest trying out some of the male Carons. They aren't very loud but they are good. My other not too loud favs are m7 fresh and antidote.
    But once you get locked into a serious perfume collection, the tendency is to push it as far as you can.

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    Default Re: Question for the Females

    Eau Sauvage might be a good option for you.

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    Default Re: Question for the Females

    The most lovely and mellow scent for men I tried recently was Maitre P&G; Iris Bleu Gris. SUBLIME! I will try to get DH to wear this soon, but he gets confused and only wears one scent at a time. I KNOW! Anyway, this Iris is DA Bomb! Subtle, fresh/iris but rooty and close to the skin so not overwhelming or too, smell you from across the room.
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    Default Re: Question for the Females

    I love Dior Homme for both the men in my family and on me. Agree with kumquat that MPG Iris Bleu Gris is subtle and very interesting, but not too strange as to make it unacceptable for the office. I like Ferre for Men (the 2006 Pierre Bourdon fragrance), although it gets a fair number of neutral ratings here. It is a light, slightly vanillic iris based fragrance. Can you tell that I like iris on men? But it seems that your wife tends toward tobacco, spice, leather, incense? (Burberry London and Modern Reserve?) Some of the niche fragrances would fit the ticket. Odori Tabacco maybe?

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    Default Re: Question for the Females

    Thanks. I'll have to try some of these. Mbanderson, you are right to some extent. She has smelled some aquas and others on me and thinks they are too "perfumey" or too feminine on me. She loves the Burberry because it reminds her of the honeymoon in Italy, etc..and it is good. I just keep thinking there is an in between scent that isn't overpowering but that women might find classy and nice on a man/husband, etc. I'm not the type that wants to knock people out. Again, TdH has worked for me some but I have gotten no comments from her...which might be so far

    MPG Iris Bleu Gris
    Ferre for Men
    Maitre P&G
    Eau Sauvage--have tried but might revisit
    M7 Fresh
    Antidote--heard alot about
    Dior Homme---I haven't been a fan of this so far.

    Again, thanks for responding
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    Default Re: Question for the Females

    I love my husband in TdH and Tam Dao, but I consider those two very lingering. If they get on a towel or shirt, they seem to last forever! So it's interesting that you've gotten away with TdH, considering your wife's current sensitivities!

    My other favorite on my husband is John Varvatos. To me, it's attractive, unique, and subtle. He uses the aftershave balm, so it could be that other concentrations are less subtle.

    I also love the sound of Grey Flannel, though I haven't sniffed it yet.

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    Default Re: Question for the Females

    What about a scent that would also smell good on the child if a bit rubs off? Penhaligon's English Fern is classic and professional, but understated and inoffensive.

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    Default Re: Question for the Females

    By the way, don't throw out your existing collection.
    Hormones cause these aversions. They will loosen their grip on your wife someday.
    Many of us had smell and taste aversions at that time of our lives. We will avow to this: it was surprising to us when they occurred, and it was a relief when they finally disappeared.

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    Default Re: Question for the Females

    Consider also L'Artisan Timbuktu. It smells wonderful and is not at all heavy.

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    Default Re: Question for the Females

    I stopped wearing perfume when I was pregnant after wearing it every day for twenty years. Didn't go back to it until my child was about six, because I didn't want it on her. Now I'm on this board! So I agree with Purplebird this is could be a passing thing.

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    Default Re: Question for the Females

    Purplebird's suggesion is very wise. Hormones are a total pain, because they affect taste and smell and tons of other things. Hang on to your smells.

    I'm inclined to suggest SL Rousse. It's unisex, so if your wife likes it, it won't matter if she gets some on her. My husband wears it, and it smells amazing on him. It's not a feminine fragrance, it's just warm and sexy with a touch of spice. It may be a good compromise while she is going through this aversion stage.
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    Default Re: Question for the Females

    Thanks for your comments. We had this problem with food her first pregnancy and had to stop eating at our favorite restaurants for 9 months because she had some at the beginning while she wasn't feeling good and it ruined it for a bit. So hopefully she will get past some of it and I can still find some different scents to add to the old ones.
    "As you walk down the fairway of life you must smell the roses, for you only get to play one round."
    --Ben Hogan

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    Default Re: Question for the Females

    I second Tam Dao and think Jicky would be perfect as well

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