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    Default Re: Help in choosing a fragrance? (dark, woody)

    Another vote for Encre Noir. Dark, woody, smokey, moderate sillage and mysteriously gets stronger. If you want something with a sweeter rose, great sillage then go with Black Aoud.

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    Cool Re: Help in choosing a fragrance? (dark, woody)

    Good topic, not sure how I missed this thread. I wish I could contribute some recommendation, although I am sure the OP has found his new scent, but I cannot identify woody scents unless they are shamelessly obvious

    I gave Encre Noire a try some time back, it is strong in a certain way that I cannot feel comfortable with it on. Maybe it takes some getting used to, I am not sure. I can see the comparisons to "ink" and I suppose that is obviously what Lalique had intended. Surely an interesting scent.

    I find Azzaro Visit and Gucci pour Homme of interest as well. I just picked up a bottle of GpH, boy is it much more costly ($) than I thought it would be I was having a bit of buyers remorse, but I suppose it is generally a higher priced fragrance that most mainstreams. I also love it at the moment, so may as well enjoy the passion while it lasts.

    GpH is woody for sure, but I don't see the "dark" aspect of it. I think it is because it smells so similar to the walk ways in my neighborhood. It really smells like the outdoors to me, so I cannot think of it as dark. The church, goth, school, or mysterious associations is something I do not get, but perhaps if I did I would feel it was a dark scent. It is all personal.

    Azzaro Visit to me is a sweet nutmeg scent that fades off with some light wood. I was expecting something intense here, but not for me, just a light scent. I don't really feel that Visit and GpH should be considered to be so similar as often as they are. Hopefully I can give Tumulte a try soon.
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    Default Re: Help in choosing a fragrance? (dark, woody)

    I'll third the Black Tourmaline suggestion above. Fits the bill 100%.

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    Default Re: Help in choosing a fragrance? (dark, woody)

    Quote Originally Posted by surreality View Post
    Try Ava Luxe Incense Noir. Dark, smoky, woody, heavy, pungent and definitely not a "polite" or coy fragrance.

    From Ava Luxe's site

    "A deep and mysterious fragrance composed blackened woods, rare resins, incense smoke and charred spices. Agarwood gives its characteristic medicinal opening and as the fragrance warms up on the skin it envelopes you in an otherworldly aura of temple incense.

    EDIT: Plus this is inexpensive. Incense Noir sells for $30 USD for 1oz.
    Perhaps even better (which seems to fit his requirement) is Ava Luxe Bois Foncé. I find it addicting and doesn't carry too high a price tag. It's very "oudy" without being medicinal like the Montale line.

    Quote Originally Posted by Joe_Frances View Post
    Mazzolari Lui is all you are looking for and more.
    I would agree, but this is way (WAY!) out of his price range.

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    Default Re: Help in choosing a fragrance? (dark, woody)

    Viktor & Rolf - Antidote has all you ask.
    unico grande amore.

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    Default Re: Help in choosing a fragrance? (dark, woody)


    If you want to try something new thats dark and woody, I would suggest trying "bint al-medina" "emarati oud" and maybe even meccan gold from its great.

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    Default Re: Help in choosing a fragrance? (dark, woody)

    Gucci Pour Homme - dark, woody, dry.
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    Default Re: Help in choosing a fragrance? (dark, woody)

    My favorites in this vein...

    Ava Luxe Incense Noir - dark, woody, and smoky, all castoreum and campfire in the top and Russian leather in the heart

    Montale Aoud Cuir D'Arabie - oud, smoke, booze and leather, very bold and dark
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    Default Re: Help in choosing a fragrance? (dark, woody)

    My favorite woody scent yet is Chanel Egoiste. After the top notes, the drydown is absolutely amazing and the longevity and sillage are great as well.

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    Default Re: Help in choosing a fragrance? (dark, woody)

    Most of the "niche" suggestions (MPG, Lorenzo, Lutens, Czech) will break your limit 60-70 Euros so I'd suggest YSL M7 or Lalique Encre Noire.
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    Default Re: Help in choosing a fragrance? (dark, woody)

    Quote Originally Posted by Torvo View Post
    Dark + incenseish + 35£/50ml: Avignon(Comme des Garcons)

    This is just a little over the price range you mentioned but I think Greyland by Montale might be worth your time sampling, as would Incense Noir by Ave Luxe (which is an inexpensive fragrance les than $40USD for 30mL of EdP).
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    Default Re: Help in choosing a fragrance? (dark, woody)

    I don't believe Eau de Italie: Paestum Rose was mentioned, a dark rose if there ever was one.
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