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    Default Eternity for men changed formula in the 1990's ?


    I was wondering if I could find a bottle of Eternity for men as it was formulated in 1990. I just bought a new bottle, and it is very different from the Eternity I loved in 1990.

    I remember wearing Eternity in 1990 during my « going out » years. It was a flamboyant scent, that could be smelled from far away, quite floral for a men scent. Then I would return home and put my shirt in the washer. After the wash, the shirt still smelled a little Eternity.

    Then I got busy trying more niche perfumes, thinking there would always be time for me to get a bottle of this scent that marked my 20s. A friend of mine told me one day, in 1998, that he thought Eternity for men had changed, it wasn t the same. I bought some minis, and yes, I didn t find the same feeling it brought me in 1990. But I thought it was me, my nose was more educated and I wasn’t as impressed by one of my first loves.

    Today, in 2009, I can tell the scent has really changed. I m not saying it is more synthetic, Eternity to me was always pretty synthetic. But it has become much less interesting, less original, less floral, and less powerful. Plus, I was VERY surprised to read the label under my new bottle : « Coty Prestige ». What a turn-off, since I associate the name of Coty to very cheap, commercial scents. Has Eternity for men always been made by Coty? Or has Coty bought the scent ?

    One thing that makes me certain that the formula has changed, is that I found a shower gel in a warehouse sale in 2004. When use it, I am able to recognize the scent from 1990.

    What do you think, anyone has experienced the 1990 scent? Anyone knows where to find an old bottle?


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    Default Re: Eternity for men changed formula in the 1990's ?

    I agree that it is a shell of it's former self. I remember Eternity from 1989 when I helped launch it. It was stronger and less "chemical" smelling. I can't get the current juice to last on my skin no matter how much I apply. That is not the Eternity I fondly remember.

    CK fragrances was bought by Unilever back in the late 90's I believe. I think thats when the formula changed. I was hoping when Coty bought it several years ago it would return to a more quality formulation, but sadly it is still weak. I still wear it as it will always be a favorite. Alas, I am glad I got to experience it when it was such a beautiful floral and woody creation ahead of it's time.

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    Default Re: Eternity for men changed formula in the 1990's ?

    It has definatly changed since its original formulation , I used to love it big time but now it really is a shadow of its former self , thinner less depth and zero staying power

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