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    Default Truffle Oil Aroma

    I haven't had the privilege of trying truffle oil, but I would like to. Of course it has to be a blind buy, so I would like some help.

    Apparently, they use a synthetic fragrance to mimic the scent of truffles and they mix it into Extra Virgin Olive Oil or sunflower oil. There is white truffle oil and black truffle oil.

    If any of you have had some experience with these oils, I would like to hear your description of how they smell and what you think of them. Recommendations are welcome.

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    Default Re: Truffle Oil Aroma

    You mean on food, right? I wouldn't recommend wearing it as a fragrance!

    Before I continue, DO expect this thread to be either locked or moved soon, 'cause we're about to step way beyond the realm of fragrances used for self-adornment!

    Truffles overall are very deep, woodsy & earthy; super mushroomy -borderline 'gassy'.
    Black truffles are more on the subtle, woodsy side of the spectrum compared to the more aggressive white truffles.
    Black truffles, which are my favorite, stand out amazingly well in braised beef dishes.
    I tend to like white truffles on very simplistic foods in order to showcase their complexity (plain pasta with butter or olive oil is the cliche); lighter meats with dairy-based sauces; they're really good with scallops.
    The oils are a decent stand-in but no match to fresh.
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    Default Re: Truffle Oil Aroma

    I love the taste of (real) black truffles but when I have to use oil, I prefer white truffles aroma oil.
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    Default Re: Truffle Oil Aroma

    Black truffles work well with pizzas and red meat. White truffles with seafood, poultry, and white meat. On skin, I wouldn't be too sure what you would want to layer them with.
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    Default Re: Truffle Oil Aroma

    I think Black Orchid has black truffle essence, but I can't say I detect it.

    I do have a formula for a solid perfume that uses white truffle oil, but I haven't yet tried it. I believe it's mixed with blood orange EO and coffee absolute.
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