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    Default Differences: Versace Pour Homme and Versace Man Eau Fraiche

    I own Versace Man Eau Fraiche, but after reading the reviews of Versace Pour Homme, I am very curious to try it out. The reviews suggest it's an aquatic, AdG - like fragrance, but I thought that's what Eau Fraiche was??
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    Default Re: Differences: Versace Pour Homme and Versace Man Eau Fraiche

    I don't know Eau Fraiche so I can't compare it to that, but I can compare Versace Pour Homme to AdG and also Allure Homme Sport. The comparison to AdG are a bit off, imo. There is some similarity in an aquatic like note, but Versace Pour Homme is far more tart. It opens with a tart and mouthwatering citrus note with hints of wood (petitgrain). There is an aquatic element there but it's very well integrated, and the whole doesn't come across as aquatic. The opening *is* quite similar to the opening in Allure Homme Sport (AHS), but the heart and drydown of each are different. Where AHS slowly becomes more and more Allure like as it moves to the base (sweeter, heavier, noticeable tonka), the Versace PH stays tart, moving into a heart that is almost wine like with it heavy dose of clary sage. Cedar and Oud combine in the base with a perfectly proportioned dose of musk and a tart ambergris/labdanum note which creates a very dry impression. The tonka is there but not noticeable as a standalone note, instead it softens what would otherwise be a bitter accord into something tart and round with a hint of sweetness.

    AdG becomes softer, smoother, and more feminine far earlier in its progression. It's got more of a melon vibe, to my nose, too - whereas VPH is all tart citrus, wine, and tart dry woods. I find that VPH does ok on the chest, but the base is muddled there, whereas when sprayed on the forearms the woodiness of hte base comes through clearly and is really enjoyable, perhaps because it's unlike any typical wood note (note fuzzy and warm like most cedars, not dry and astringrent like some sandalwoods, but yet still quite's unique).
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    Default Re: Differences: Versace Pour Homme and Versace Man Eau Fraiche

    Go ahead, try it out. The 2 are VERY different. Versace ph has an 'old school' vibe to it, though it is a vibrant citrusy frag. It is sweet, but not the same super sweet, sythetic 'blu cotton candy' you get from Versace Man eau Fraiche. It is not linear either like the eau Fraiche which hardly changes all day. Versace ph is also more classic rather than modern.
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