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    Default Can you recommend a fragrance please...?


    I have just been to Debenhams and couldn't find anything that I liked...
    Must be just me!

    All my favourite perfumes are now discontinued in the UK so I'm looking for something new... I used to like Bolero by Gabriela Sabatini, Experiences by Priscilla Presley and Wild Wind by Gabriela Sabatini. Sometimes I use Davidoff Cool Water for Women which is OK but not exactly my favourite.

    I don't seem to like anything when I go shopping for a fragrance but I do believe there is a perfume for me somewhere out there. But which one?

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    Default Re: Can you recommend a fragrance please...?

    Why not order/but a bunch of minis or samples? 20 quid can buy quite a bit and I am sure you will find something to like. Also seems like you like G. Sabatini...maybe try ALL that she has to offer? A lot of times fragrances by the same house contain the same basic notes...the signature Sabatini is very sexy I find.
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    Default Re: Can you recommend a fragrance please...?

    Welcome Alia!

    I agree with Andrew - sample, sample sample! There are many internet sites that offer sample packs. Once they arrive, you can take your time with them at home so you can give each a fair shot. That's not always easy to do in a store.

    Here's a link to a discussion about a few p[laces to order sample sets:

    And this one is to a long discussion about free samples:

    I look forward to hearing from you about how you do!
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    Default Re: Can you recommend a fragrance please...?

    Welcome, Alia! :wave:

    I never have in-store luck; but riches can be found in fragrances from lesser-known parfumeries. Follow the advice mentioned above and don't pay attention to the calendar--the journey is the joy.
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    Default Re: Can you recommend a fragrance please...?

    Well said, everyone. Good luck, Alia!

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    Default Re: Can you recommend a fragrance please...?

    If you have Sephora in the UK they have these boxes with 10 or twelves samples, and a gift certificate for a full bottle. It's a good deal. Here is a link to the US site, just to get an idea.
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    Default Re: Can you recommend a fragrance please...?

    To help narrow down your seach, you could try finding the notes in the perfumes you liked, then sampling new perfumes with those notes.

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    Default Re: Can you recommend a fragrance please...?

    Thanks for all your advice

    I have ordered some samples and will be trying them at home...
    I will also try to track some G Sabatini samples (very hard to find in the UK!)
    Wish me luck ;-)

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