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    Default Re: The $100 Wardrobe

    Escada Sunset Heat 1.6oz ($20, Marshalls)
    Escada Moon Sparkle 3.4oz ($25, Marshalls)
    Adidias Victory League 3.4oz ($10, drugstores)
    Zirh Ikon 4.2 oz giftset ($15, Marshalls)
    Rochas Man ($30 dollars, Amazon [seems to be up for 45 now! I must have got it on sale])

    That'd cover all occasions as far as I'm concerned down here in Florida.

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    Default Re: The $100 Wardrobe

    Burberry for men ($30 or less online/in store)
    Lancome Hypnose (I believe it can be had for about $30 online)
    Gucci Pour Homme 2 ($40)

    I love the other 16 or so fragrances that I own, but I think I could live with owning just these 3. I would absolutely love it if I could squeeze in Gucci Envy and Burberry The Beat somewhere in there. I guess that would be another combination-those two instead the 3 listed.

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    Default Re: The $100 Wardrobe

    Just an amusing observation - despite getting more into designer fragrances recently, I still can't make a satisfactory under 100$ wardrobe out of full bottles!

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    Default Re: The $100 Wardrobe

    Here is my current wardrobe:

    3.4oz Chanel Allure Homme Sport $20 ebay
    4.2oz Michael for Men (Kors) $10 ebay
    5.1oz "Hugo" Hugo Boss $20 ebay
    2 x .5oz CK Eternity
    .5oz CK Eternity Summer 2006
    .5oz CK Eternity Summer 2007 $10 all 4 together on ebay
    3.4oz Arpege PH Lanvin $15? Marshalls

    There you go, $75, add $15 for shipping/tax and its about $90 total. You don't gotta spend alot of money on this. Just search locally on craigslist for people selling off their collections and look on eBay often (I do this multiple times a day hence the good deals.

    I used to own a 3.4oz Versace Dreamer for $15 locally 90% full, and a 3.4oz Bvlgari PH for $15 shipped. This is not an expensive hobby. There is a full new bottle of YSL M7 for $15 local craigslist but I don't really want the frag.

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    Default Re: The $100 Wardrobe

    The inherent challenge is to build a well-rounded wardrobe for $100. The wardrobe should be able to provide for every occasion, so every major fragrance category should be represented. There should be enough fragrance to use every day, so full bottles should be selected, rather than samples or decants.

    With those criteria in mind, I would suggest:

    Fougère: Azzaro or Grey Flannel

    Citrus: 4711

    Aquatic: Old Spice Signature (don't laugh; it smells like Z Zegna to me, and how much pedigree can an aquatic have, anyway?)

    Woods: Quorum, 273, or Halston Z-14

    Floral: Jovan Musk for Men

    Oriental: Lagerfeld or Stetson

    I submit that a wardrobe like this would provide for warm weather and cool weather, daytime and evening, casual and formal. Each of these could be found in a normal-size bottle for about $10 each.

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    Default Re: The $100 Wardrobe

    Dior homme and matching AS balm.

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