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    I would like to buy a gift for my friend. He occasionaly ridicules me for for purchasing designer scents or fragrances that cost more than $5. He insists that Axe Essence is the best fragrance ever. He says that he once (in highschool) did a test with his buddy. His buddy was wearing something, probably on the lines of Hugo or ADG. He asked some girls (highschool girls) which of them smelled better. Aparently, at least one of those girls must have said that the Essence smelled better and the rest is history.

    Every time we go out for the night, he completely envelopes himself and any innocent bystanders in Axe. The cloud kills anything it comes in contact with. It makes me want to punch myself in the face.

    So, I would like to find something that smells similar to Essence but without the offensive pesticide cloud.

    Any thoughts?


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    A new friend with better taste in fragrances, just kidding. . .
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    I can only hope.

    But seriously, maybe if I can get him to bite on something that I know he likes, he'll throw the axe away. The OZONE will thank him.
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    Get him a bottle of Axe Lab. It smells like Essence should - it's a proper EDT and is extremely causal. In fact, it was my SOTD today. Go for it, it'll be a nice easy way to ease him into fragrances with something slightly familiar, and extremely wearable.

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    Get rid of him, find him a jealous girlfriend !
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    That is the ultimate goal.

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