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    Default Re: Synesthesia and Color Associations with Scent

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    This is an interesting fairly recent article on this subject:


    Four experiments found that the colors people choose as corresponding to the odors of fine fragrances are influenced by the perceived masculinity/femininity of those fragrances. Experiment 1 examined the colors chosen for 3 male and 3 female fragrances. The pattern of colors chosen for female fragrances differed from that for male fragrances. Experiments 2 and 3 found that colors assigned to 2 unisex fragrances depend on whether subjects thought that the fragrances were male or female fragrances. Experiment 4, by labeling unisex fragrances as male or female, showed that this difference in color selection was the result of subjects' thinking that a fragrance is a male or female fragrance. Thinking of the masculinity/femininity of a fragrance influences the selection of colors that corresponds to these odors.
    This is a great link!!!

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    Default Re: Synesthesia and Color Associations with Scent

    I think that the way a fragrance is packaged/the color of the juice goes far toward putting it in a context that affects the color we "see" when we smell it.
    i've read this idea from more people. but i think that it just might be the other way around.
    i mean, if something evokes a certain color, it is common sense to let the juice and/or packaging have that color. and of course, sometimes they just don't get it right.
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