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    Default Traveling with frags?

    Hey all. I'm new to the fragrance scene, and have been up my wardrobe over the past month. But now winter break is coming to an end, an I may have hit a snag. Namely, I'm a little worried about how to store my new bottles for the drive back up to campus. If I've read up on everything right, I think it should be ok as long as everything is out of the sun and put into their boxes to they don't clang against each other (though most all the stuff I have are testers without the original bottle I'm sure there are some small cardboard boxes lying around the house I could use). But I just thought I'd check in with the experts to see if I'm on the right track!

    Just for reference, it's going to be about a 4-5 hour car drive, and my current wardrobe is as follows:

    Carven Homme
    Calvin Klein's Eternity
    Rochas Men
    Polo Explorer
    Paco Rabanne XS
    John Varvatos

    As well as some samples of Gucci Envy, A*Men, Dirty English, and.....some other stuff I can't think of right now.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Traveling with frags?

    I'd first pack the boxed fragrances into a large cardboard box (flat surfaces against flat surfaces is space saving). Then I'd wrap the box-less bottles in old newspaper and place them also in the box. The samples I'd toss into a ziplock bag and put them near the top of the box (since they're lighter in weight). Stuff more newspaper into any open crannies and around any bottles that are moving around a little. I think this should get everything there safely.
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    Default Re: Traveling with frags?

    Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the advice!

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    Default Re: Traveling with frags?

    That is great advice from oud_girl, I can't improve on it.
    If you ever are flying or otherwise using luggage, you might do what I do. I stuff each boxed bottle in a sock. I figure the more padding, the better, especially the way luggage gets tossed around. Get everything snug in your luggage, with no room to shift around.
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    Default Re: Traveling with frags?

    Good idea oud_girl. I usually throw my boxes away though. The last time I moved I put my precious babies in one of those big plastic storage containers. I put a thick towel inside on the bottom of the container. The ones that couldn't fit on the bottom got wrapped in paper. I did like oud_girl said and stuff the holes with plenty of paper so that the bottles didn't knock together or move around. They survived the move with no problems.
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    Default Re: Traveling with frags?

    All the advice so far sounds good. If you can find a box with a styrofoam insert - the kind they ship cases of wine and liquor in, it would be ideal for those unboxed bottles! Just a quick newspaper wrap & pop them into the compartments.
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