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    Question I'm bored: help me decide a blind buy please

    Justice and human stulticia are blind:

    MPG's Route du Vetiver or Montale's Aoud lime? Which one?

    "Aoud lime" is less rosy than "Black Aoud"? (I gave my botle of BA to my sister and she's enchanted)

    "Route du Vetiver"... my only fear is the black currant note, It gives a berry smell to vetiver? (I don't like the blackberry accord in Encre Noire)

    What's your opinion?

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    Default Re: I'm bored: help me decide a blind buy please

    I don't know about Route de Vetiver (I've never tried it), but I'd caution against a blind buy of Aoud Lime. I like it well enough, but it's a very, very, er, challenging fragrance. My wife hates it with a passion; the only other thing that awakens remotely this level of disgust from her is SL's Miel de Bois.

    Aoud Lime certainly has a family resemblance to Black Aoud, but it is utterly unrosy and much more in-your-face medicinal, especially in its top notes. Definitely a try-before-you-buy fragrance, especially if you intend to wear it around other people!

    I should add that I'm not at all anti-blind buy in general, or even in the case of unusual fragrances. Last year I blind bought--among other things--Encre Noire and Yatagan. I was happy I did so in both cases. And I expect to be receiving Eau d'Hermes today, which I also blind bought. At least in the case of Encre Noire and Yatagan, I'd have no problem recommending them as blind buys. But especially at Montale's price point, I just can't say "go for it" in the case of Aoud Lime.

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    Post Re: I'm bored: help me decide a blind buy please

    I'm into blind buying, but would still suggest against buying blind either of these two scents. Personally I think Pierre Montale is not very good perfumer. Although some of his aouds are quite alright, I think there is so much more potential in aoud compared to what he delivers. Route du Vetiver then again is the most extreme vetiver scent I've ever smelled. For me it's highly impressive scent, alhough I can't see myself wearing it often at all. Blackcurrant note is quite distinctive, surprising and well blended, but it's probably not very often the main reason why a given person would like or dislike this scent.

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    Default Re: I'm bored: help me decide a blind buy please

    I can't be much help because I would not recommend you blind buy either of these. I love vetiver fragrances - especially earthy ones - and Route du Vetiver is one I can never buy - it just doesn't agree with me. Test it. I have owned a half a dozen of Montale's aouds and other scents and Aoud Lime is one of the few I decided I just didn't like after living with it for almost a year. Give it a long thorough test as well! Instead of RdV for earthy vetiver scents try Lorenzo Villoresi Vetiver or Givenchy Vetyver - both are more agreeable than the MPG scent to me. And, for a really interesting oud scent try YSL M7, Le Labo Rose 31 or even Golden Aoud from Montale - all are easier to live with than Aoud Lime.

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    Default Re: I'm bored: help me decide a blind buy please

    My opinion is that all those you listed are very expensive perfumes to blind buy.

    A true blind buy is buying a perfume without any markings on it.

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