I just thought I share this experience.

About 3 weeks ago I bought Silver Mountain Water 1 oz from Bergdof Goodman, it smelled fine and if I had not known to look at the serial number I would never had cared, but anyway the serial number was A3508G01. I was a bit pisst off saying I just spent $133 with tax, and I got juice from 2001

I am like WTF...why would they be selling Juice from 2001? makes no sense.

anyway I returned it. also I did some googling and googled that same serial number and found this same thread


Seems other bottles were turning up from SAKS with that number as well.

So I said to myself if I am going to spend full retail to get a bottle from 2001 I may as well take my chances and go online which I was nervous enough.

Anyway I purchased from fragrance.net and got a 2.5 oz and came to $110.00 with tax and it arrived today and what do you know same exact serial # A3508G01

But I said let me try it, it smelled great. That is all that matters.

So you know what who knows if that number really means anything, maybe the middle number 08 is really when the year it is made or maybe not all that matters is it smells great

So i think lesson learn is to stop worrying about what year they are made and worry more if they smell good.