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    Default Perfume House Private Reserve--disappointment :(

    So in the selection of samples in my stocking this year, there was a wee vial of Snow Rose. I have been purposely avoiding the Private Reserve collection, because I just *knew* what would happen, and in fact had sort of blocked its existence from my mind, so I allowed myself a few dabs of Snow Rose and, well, that was that. We talked, we decided to drive to Portland (from Virginia) to find the juice, smell the others...a pilgrimage, really. I emailed The Perfume House, waiting quivering with anticipation for a reply...and ouch! the reply says that the Private Reserve is not available, something about a standstill in orders from Henry Jacques, and may not be available anymore! I am going to call and find out more later today, but I'm wondering if anyone knows anything at all? If you want to soothe me, tell me this is what they always say and it's just to make the reward sweeter. Please?

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    Default Re: Perfume House Private Reserve--disappointment :(

    False alarm! It was a somewhat badly translated email communique, I think. At any rate, it's all good!

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    Default Re: Perfume House Private Reserve--disappointment :(

    Oh, good for you! Words cannot do justice to how I feel about Snow Rose. I am glad you will be able to buy some.

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