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    Default Fresh Strawberry Flowers

    I'm wearing Fresh Strawberry Flowers today, my latest blind buy. Many of you asked what it was like ... it smelled like strawberry lemonade, but without much strawberry.

    Here are the notes (from Sephora): Mandarin, Yuzu, White peach, Mountain Strawberries, Freesia, Orange Blossom, Osmanthus, Orris, Musk, White woods.

    Honestly, I didn't smell any of these notes except the hint of the strawberry note, and it was very subtle. I will admit to being slightly disappointed, it didn't have the wow strawberry vibe I was looking for. I did get a compliment though, a co-worker said it was "wonderful, very fresh and summery." I will put this away and pull it out again on one of those 100 degree days next July or August. I think in the heat of summer, this could be really good, just like a big glass of iced lemonade is refreshing without being too sweet.

    Sephora says this is a limited edition, it is sold in a 30ml bottle. Lasting power is low, my several sprays seemed to disappear totally after 3 hours. Sillage is low to medium, my co-worker did notice while standing within a few feet.
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    Default Re: Fresh Strawberry Flowers

    Thanks for posting, Shades. I was just thinking about this blind buy of yours about an hour ago and reading comments about SF on MUA (sounding much like what you just shared). Why can't perfumers meet the notes promised and make them hardy? This sounds like it should have been a brilliant fragrance.
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    Default Re: Fresh Strawberry Flowers

    That sounds really nice! I like all the notes listed. Carolina by Carolina Herrera has a good strawberry vibe, if you're interested in trying that, and it's not too expensive on the discount sites. I've been searching for some nice frags to buy that won't break the bank and was thinking about that one, myself.

    This is the description:

    "The top note is a bitter orange, dry grapes and wild strawberries. The middle note is floral sweet with rose petals, pepper and berries. The basenote is attractive sensual with wood, natural vanilla."

    I have a couple of strawberry plants on my deck, too, but our little squirrels get them before I do. Strawberry ice cream is my favorite! (I also like Miss Dior Cherie, which has strawberries and patchouli, but don't wear it too often, because patchouli only suits me once in a while.)

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    Default Re: Fresh Strawberry Flowers

    I got my bottle, too. I had smelled it in the store before Christmas, and had a vague recollection of what it smelled like.

    I don't like the first 15 minutes, when it is very floral and very alcohol-based. But after that, the strawberry/musky dry down was nice. I agree that it's a summer scent.
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    Default Re: Fresh Strawberry Flowers

    I have learned I really have to over apply most Fresh scents, to get them to stick. I'm sure SF is the same.

    Although, I'd be disappointed too if it smelled just like 'lemonade'. Don't they already have a scent that should smell that way (Sugar Lemon)?
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