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    Default Re: One-Whiff Wonders and Mood Changers

    I find gourmands in general comforting and often delightful, as a child might find delight in a new toy, or one might find delight in a previously unseen piece of art that 'speaks' to you. I tend to over-nurture and mother everyone around me, and perhaps that's why gourmands and I seem to fit...the comfort I get from them mirrors the nurturing I try to provide for others.
    Is swooning a mood? Because there are several fragrances that make me want to swoon. I put my wrist to my nose and I am transported to my happy place, oblivious to all of those around me! ^_^ A dreamy or trance like-state ensues (several Serge Lutens and a few Frederic Malles have that effect).
    I think there are several Guerlains that make me feel reflective, possible even nostalgic or melancholy, like L'Heure Bleu, Apres L'Ondee and Mitsouko.

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    Default Re: One-Whiff Wonders and Mood Changers

    Well, I already said that Timbuktu makes me smile. Also...

    Un Parfum des Sens et Bois and Lotus Blossom & Water Lily help me feel alert/centered.

    Une Rose makes me feel sexy!

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    Default Re: One-Whiff Wonders and Mood Changers

    Quote Originally Posted by an_oud_girl View Post
    I find if I try to wear a fragrance that doesn't match my mood-- like wearing a bright, citrusy floral when I'm cranky, I get more irritated.
    Quote Originally Posted by chengfun View Post
    I find that a mood-lifter for me one day may not have the same effect on another day, depending on my mood on the day, does it make sense, or is it just me?
    Quote Originally Posted by Nukapai View Post
    ....I really notice if I get it wrong.
    I completely agree. If I mismatch a SotD to a MoodoftheDay, I definitely feel irritated/restless/unsettled. As much of a mood-brightener as Pink Grapefruit is, it just won't fit right on a day when I want to wrap myself in a gourmand like Aomassai.

    Some very interesting mood connections here -- I'm finding that these offer another facet (in addition to reviews & pyramids) to being able to imagine several scents that I haven't tried yet.
    Sniff and let sniff.

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    Default Re: One-Whiff Wonders and Mood Changers

    Mint/tangy tea does for me what citrus/grapefruit does for others: it's brightening, lifting, summery. For someone with a seasonal mood disorder it might make sense that summery = uplifting, of course. Moroccan Mint Tea is perfect. Eau Parfumée Au Thé Rouge does the same, especially the opening.

    Comforting are those fragrances that are warm and delightful, but don't require much analysis. They can't be too sweet either, that starts irritating me after a while. Soft gourmands, unsweetened vanilla, opoponax and soft woods are the bees knees for me here. Jour de Fête, Aomassai, Opoponax Intense...

    There's also a category that makes me feel young, flighty, pretty, careless; light, moderately sweet (fruity-)florals do that. Blush and Envy Me in particular.

    And then there's those that require attention and "active" wearing, ones that grab me by the throat and force me to pay attention. They fit when I need to study or be serious, they lend a no-nonsense attitude. Serious, dry frags that won't be pushed around: Ambre Sultan, Amandes Orientales, Pomegranate Noir. Bvlgari Black might turn out to fit here, too.

    Perhaps the only category I haven't filled yet is the ever-present "sexy" category. Something sensual, dark, brooding. Maybe I just don't have that side in me. Crystal Noir comes nearest, but that's the favourite scent of a close friend; I'd be wearing her persona.

    I agree with it sitting weird if you pick the wrong frag for the wrong mood, by the way. It'll annoy me all day. Picking the right one can be so... *right*, on the other hand.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nukapai View Post
    No, not just you - I know what you mean (I think). For me it works by matching that day's mood with its perfect partner. I really notice if I get it wrong.

    Take today - I'm in Ambre Sultan which can sometimes make me feel a bit over-alert (because the scent demands attention) if I apply it on the wrong day, but today it's kept me going and helped me focus on a mountain of work. And the smell has felt soft and easy to wear instead of in-your-face. That's the effect of matching the right day/mood with the right scent.

    Having said that, there are some scents that work on a more visceral level regardless - Citron Citron helps me feel less anxious or travel sick and I could wear Summer by Kenzo any day, any mood if I was deprived of choices.
    I think you may have hit the nail on the head. Some scents are more demanding and require careful matching with one's mood. Perhaps powerful and potent fragrances would fall in this category.

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    Default Re: One-Whiff Wonders and Mood Changers

    Scents that...

    Inspire focus, confidence and feeling powerful at work: Chanel 19, Infusion D'Iris, 31, rue Cambon, and Kelly Caleche.

    Evoke euphoria: Timbuktu, Secret Obsession, Diorrisimo, did I mention Timbuktu?

    Calm anxiety: Champs Elysees, La Chasse aux Papilllons

    Quicken the heart: Aqua Allegoria Anisia Bella

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    Default Re: One-Whiff Wonders and Mood Changers

    Fragrances with natural essences can be used for aromatherapy purposes. It doesn't work if they are 100% synthetic, although blends of the two would. I've been doing this for years, it's a natural part of my life and one reason I am attracted to having a variety of scents to reach for. I often start out with one in the morning and evolve from there, for instance, this morning I'm wearing an orange blossom note because it is cheerful and uplifting. Later on, I might switch to another that has notes that harmonize with OB and I'm trying to shop for scents that work well in rotation. Good subject, thanks for bringing it up.
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