Bandit was another scent on my list of 'old school' leather scents-----a list which is dwindling by the day as i get to try these. I'm basically looking for another vintage fragrance that i can truly fall in love with as i did with Knize Ten.

the company (Robert Piquet) who make Bandit are very generous and sent me a few samples of their production fragrances. I haven't tried the others yet, however i was anxiously awaiting my first taste of i tried that one!

I like the instant opening, when i put it on...but about 5 seconds after, this strange concoction of severe spiciness takes over. It's almost like a ginger-cumin-curry-like cascade of spices....maybe some chili or hot pepper like stuff going on? There is a chypre base there, and it's combining with a rubber and leather combination floating around. I'm not sure i can really deal with the spices. I like the rubber and leather notes....which remind me of leather being dragged by burning tires...but that spiciness is getting on my nerves. The drydown, on my skin, results in this weird rubbery bug-killer note....a note i CANNOT STAND!

this is the currently available EDP concentration, and i remember reading that the EDT version is reasonably different than this. Can anyone expand on the differences? Is it worth getting hold of the EDT version OR the old pre-reformulation EDP versions? From what i know, this scent has been reformulated many times....and i'm wondering if the other attempts were alot different or not?

either far, it's a FAIL from my side. I can't really get over the weaknesses of this one thus far.....although i'm willing to try out some other versions of it, as i can clearly see it has potential.