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    Default Few New Guy Questions

    I tried doing some searching but couldnt quite find what i was looking for. I'm new to fragrances and would like to know what the best place to apply a fragrance for best projection and longevity. Right now I usually do 3 sprays, two to each wrist and one to the very front of the neck. Is this a good method? Also, can others smell it even though I cannot? Do you get "used" to the scent and cannot pick it up as well?

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    Default Re: Few New Guy Questions

    Sounds fine. Experiment with more sprays--just find out what that does. More sprays around the neck, say, since one on each forearm is already fine. You can use the forums search function to find other threads on how many sprays members use. It can vary from between one/two to eight. Some enjoy more. You've got to figure out what's right for you.

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    Sometimes when I spray my wrist, it seems like I lose a bit due to bounce back and the width of the spray being wider than my wrist. Not really important with lower priced fragrances, but you might lose some sillage and longevity. Probably not, but its something to keep in mind. I've been spraying both sides of the base of my neck/chest, and middle of my chest.

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    Default Re: Few New Guy Questions

    Thanks for the responses so far. I will try to experiment with more sprays I just dont want to become "that guy" with applying way too much. Is spraying it on the wrists even really that effective? It would seem it would be better applied to the chest neck area.

    edit: I tried searching this forum before I made my thread and didnt find anything that I was looking for. Maybe I'm not searching with the right terminology.
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    During the months when it's cold and my arms are covered up, I spray on my neck only several times. During warmer months when my arms are exposed, I spray on my forearms and neck. I used to spray on the chest but I stopped doing that since it won't project as well as if you sprayed several times on the neck. It depends on the season for me. Different fragrances require different spray amounts. There's no one right answer.

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    Default Re: Few New Guy Questions

    I figured there was no right answer. Thanks for a push in the right direction. I just hear people say "don't use more than three sprays" and doing some reading on here I see people that are using 6-7 sprays, just a tad confusing.

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    I wash my hands quite often throughout the day, so I tend to avoid spraying on the wrist. I usually do 1 spray on the neck and if the strength of the fragrance is good I can still smell it after several hours. If I can smell it, I know others can too.

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    I'm also new to scents, and fear over applying. I think at least in my case my awareness of a fragrance I'm wearing disappears long before its ability to be noticed by someone else. I recall arriving home after sampling frangrances at the mall, with single sprays of only 4 different EDT's to my wrist, wrist and forearms....I could no longer sense them without placing my nose to my skin..but my roomates had something like a WHOA! reaction when I walked in
    If memory serves me the 4 were Terre d'Hermes, Armani Code, Hanae Mori and Versace about a cornicopia of scents at one time!

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    Default Re: Few New Guy Questions

    Quote Originally Posted by Zimm View Post
    ... Is spraying it on the wrists even really that effective? It would seem it would be better applied to the chest neck area....
    I think of the scent on my wrists as being "for me", and on those other areas as "for others." Hence the famous BN salute, the ol' wrist-sniff whenever possible. I'm not really worried about sillage, I focus more on having a gentle aura that will first please me and then whoever gets close to me (not the world at large).

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