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    Default Light Winter Scent

    From my sig

    ES: Spring/Summer Day
    PPH: Summer Night
    BT: Spring/Summer Afternoon/Eve
    A: Winter All Day
    DFM: So Versatile
    LDD: Casual Social

    I'm picking up Ungaro 3 Blind from the BN ratings for Another Autumn/Winter Scent + Romantic Endeavors, but both it and Antaeus are considered heavy scents..

    I know I'm being pedantic but could you make some suggestions for a Winter Day scent, Blue sky but chilly surroundings.
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    Default Re: Light Winter Scent

    Egoiste by Chanel or Habit Rouge by Guerlain - both are classics and work beautifully in cold, bright winter days. If you get the Egoiste, remember, apply lightly.
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    Default Re: Light Winter Scent

    I'm not sure I'm getting you right, but my thoughts are:
    R de Capucchi

    which I know are two completely different directions. I tend to wear more citrus in the summer (Eau Sauvage, Cologne Sologne, AdP Colonia, Eau de Cologne Imperiale) and darker things in the winter (M7 Fresh, KL Homme, Antaeus, Givenchy Gentleman, Floris No.89). When it's winter and I want to lighten up a bit, I find myself reaching for the two I listed.

    Which is not to say I disagree with mikeperez. As a BN'er, I certainly use a greater variety of frags than those I've listed and did wear Egoiste on a cold and blustery day last week.
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