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    Default Tom Ford Velvet Gardenia - the visual review...

    Really, that's all the information you need to understand this fragrance, but if an explanation is needed...

    I really, really wanted to love Velvet Gardenia. It promised to be everything I wanted in a gardenia fragrance, and I eagerly hunted down a sample ( Mike Perez very kindly sent me some ).

    I'd be lying if I said this was more pleasant than chugging a gallon of used frying lard and playing The Jingle-Cats Cover Melt-Banana at 180 decibels. This is an ELDO-esque horror that delivers a true and beautiful gardenia note at a Faustian price.

    Let me introduce you to The Five Stages Of Velvet Gardenia.


    This is the first time you've smelled a true gardenia note! You can get over the fact that it mostly smells like Roquefort.


    What? It's getting worse? Is that fungus I smell!?


    Please turn into something nice? I love your gardenia note, I really do, it's just brought a few friends I'd rather not know...


    Now it's smelling like Roquefort and mushrooms and rancid butter. Another gardenia failure.


    Ah. This hand-soap smells so nice by comparison. *washes*

    I may retry it some day, perhaps when and if I'm the type of man who likes sky-diving or cage-diving with sharks, but this is one of those fragrances where I am very happy to get off the ride. I gave it twelve hours of my life. Better noses than mine have praised this, but on my personal scale of bad and good, it rates biohazard.
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    Default Re: Tom Ford Velvet Gardenia - the visual review...

    Sorry about the disappointment, G_B.

    I know the pain of eagerly waiting for a frag, getting it and wanting to love it, and it doesnt love one back. Such a downer.

    I have some silly questions: Is Tom Ford really a parfumeur, in the sense of Lutens, Duchaufour, et al? Why the volume of different scents? An unfilled niche in the fragosphere? I know, silly questions.
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    Default Re: Tom Ford Velvet Gardenia - the visual review...

    LOL - hilarious review. Love the pictures and the chronological denial/acceptance timeline.

    Different strokes for different folks, right?
    "When you become comfortable with uncertainty. infinite possibilities open up in your life"

    -- Eckhart Tolle
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    Default Re: Tom Ford Velvet Gardenia - the visual review...

    Hilarious, Galamb_Borong! Thank you for that.
    Not just hilarious, but informative. I almost bought a full bottle of this; I actually really love it, but it's the mushroom note that stopped me. It's exactly how LT stated it in the Guide - once you know it's there, it stares you in the face forever. I don't, however, get the cheese or rancid butter.
    And I still feel lucky to have 4mls of it.

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    Default Re: Tom Ford Velvet Gardenia - the visual review...

    LOL, love the review.

    Its funny I get the mushroom note but not the cheese note. Im not sure I would like it if I did.
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