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    well i got my lutens samples from aedes today.....i put a drop of meil de bois on one hand and chergui on the other....the meil de bois almost made me blind....the chergui was nice....i put on a full wearing of the chergui after the shower......i dont know if its the best smell in the world but its definalty and extremly well made perfume.

    although it is of excellent quality i am glad i didnt buy this one blind. theres a note in here that smells like gasoline on my skin. thank you guys for talking me out of it ...i think this is the one i woulda bought blind. its like that kinda pine note turns very sour on me......its strange cuz the rest of it smells wonderful its just that one note.
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    Default Re: a lutens you actually wear everyday

    while i dont really enjoy the smell of chergui.....i simply love the way its have to sit there and really concentrate on picking out each note the pine the iris the amber ....its kinda incredible how complex and strong a scent this is.

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