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    Smile Focus on Forest... Knize Forest

    I'd like to hear reactions to this marvellous scent. And I can't let Everso have ALL the Knize fun!

    First, I'd like to get the notes straight. This information comes from a pamphlet inside the box. And they differ a bit from those in the Basenotes listing. Translated from the German, they are:
    Top -- lavender, bergamot, lemon, juniper, clary sage, verbena
    Mid -- oregano, spruce, carnation, rose, geranium
    Base -- cedarwood, musk, labdanum, amber, tonka, sandalwood

    I reviewed this a while ago, and I have further thoughts.
    What strikes me most about this is the affective quality or mood of this. Words like gentle, courtly, genteel seem appropriate. This has an old-school charm. It is a lovely green sort of scent, and I would say the green is a mid-tone rather than dark one. The actual colour of the juice is a medium gold, like an oak-aged chardonnay.
    The first phase is very enjoyable. There are fresh notes of citrus, lavender and juniper. There is an airy, "open" quality here. I get the sense of open spaces, a fresh breeze. Also, throughout the scent I find there to be very little pine. So the image I have is of an alpine meadow, rather than a deep forest; a scene of more light than deeply dark tones.
    In the second phase, there are some good but fleeting wood notes (cedar and sandalwood), and a little bit of spruce (but not much of the latter). And gradually the tonka yields its courmarin notes, and still we are strolling in a grassy field rather than a deep wood. Indeed, the coumarin plus the lavender give this a fougere character, although I suppose it should be classed as a chypre.
    The scent has good longevity on me; and I find it to be complex in a subtle, somewhat easy-going way. I'm quite fond of this. Although it is not my holy grail "perfect pine" scent, it is quite distinctive. I always look forward to wearing it.
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