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Thread: D&G By Man

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    Default D&G By Man

    I have a question about this fragrance.....if anyone had any comments on this fragrance or enjoys this fragrance could you please describe to me what you feel about it. Not many people mention this as one of their favorites so I was just curious? I actually ordered an oil based version of this since I can't find it anywhere anymore but I take it that it's a great club style fragrance. Any advice would be greatly appreciated-----------------Joe

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    It's the best male fragrance ever. if you read the reviews you see how much praise it gets. First time I smelled it I was shocked, that;s how good it was. It smells like sex...very strange, how can something smell like sex..but it really does..not literary
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    D&G By Man for swap. About 5 to 10 ML.
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    sex is a very delightfull smell, much thanks for your input....I hope my oil based version smells the same!!!!

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    I have this stuff and I love it. Very long lasting (easy 4-5 hours strong) and especially because it's an oil based version of it (WOW). I hope you enjoy it too :]

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    i just ordered 3 minis from ebay of the authentic BY so Ill comapre the two and tell everyone if the oil version holds its value

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    Can you pm me and tell me if there's a big difference or not?

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    Default Re: D&G By Man

    ya sure im getting 3 viles in the mail so if I don't like the scent ill send you one

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    It's great - sort of a spicy, leather oriental, but not overly sweet and very smooth.

    What do you mean by '[you're] getting an oil version' - do you mean that someone is sending you an oil that smells like By? I may be wrong, but I doubt D&G released an extrait.

    An economical way to try real By is to buy a 4ml on eBay. I bought one a while back for $12, and it convinced me I needed a bottle. Be careful with full bottles on eBay as there are fakes going around.

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    I'm a recent convert, having used up a sample. I found a 50ml tester bottle for $10 only last week. God, I love this stuff. beautifully rich and complex. I'm still getting my nose around it, but there seems to be some gorgeous orange/bergamot for starters, followed by a luscious, almost gourmand, slightly sweet amber/tonka(?)/woods/spice. I suppose it's an oriental with "gourmand tendencies". It works in mid-summer over here, but I think it would really shine in the cooler weather.
    And yes, it is "sex in a bottle"... I've already had the relevant comments directed at me

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    I remember sampling it at Perfumania not too long ago with the intention of buying it the next day. That turned out to be one day too many as it just went POOF! and vanished from every damm store.
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    I bought this one from England and it wasn't pricey at that time.

    The first time I wore it my sister complained that it was too strong, but, I just sprayed it on 5 minutes before her comment. I agree that it smells like sex. You'll be too hot to handle when you wear it.
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    In which country does this still available? or is it discontinued all over the world?

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    i believe it's discontinued all over

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    Hard to find in stores now, you would have better luck on ebay (just be careful of fakes)

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    Here in Brazil I still can find some.

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    I just got my 50ml D&G BY man from a fellow basenoter here and it lives up to its hype

    I cannot believe they discontinued it!!

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    It's been my favorite ever since my good lady wife bought me a bottle back in 1996 or thereabouts. She only did so to justify buying herself the woman's version, which I also adore!

    I don't really get the 'sex' references to be honest but it does have something of an animal quality. It starts quite sharp and citric and retains quite a tangy spiciness all the way through, but not in a fruity way. There is a definite leathery, suede-like tang to the drydown. There's lavender there too. Also vanilla - it smells oriental without being overly sweet or heavy.

    I am astonished it was discontinued, but thankfully bought around a litre's worth in 100ml bottles shortly before eBay prices went sky-high.
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    Amazing stuff, but there's one thing about it that bugs me. Everytime I wore it-- even a light dose-- it seemed like the people around me got stuffy noses (Including myself). So I had to stop wearing it.

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    Default Re: D&G By Man

    Does anyone know which perfumer made "By Man" from Dolce Cabanna? Also the perfume company that created the juice would be interesting.

    * Parfumeur *

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    Default Re: D&G By Man

    One of the best fragrances ever made, Dolce and Gabbana get a huge thumbs down for discontinuing it....

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    This is probably my #1 favorite frag of all time! The best to come out of the house of D & G! It is very sexy lavendar, with some spices & musk! You definitely get a animal type feel from it! I have NEVER had a negative compliment when wearing this! It last a very long time on me for an EDT! Its just gorgeous! Its a pitty that it was discontinued.. D & G should reconsider & bring this back! It would do there lineup some MUCH needed Justice!
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    it has wood, musk and spices , think of a lighter vintage tabarome that is what i think of by. Not a bad frag at all.

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    what is the 'oil version' that some of these people are talking about?

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    I don't think it exists.
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