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    Default Creation Lamis - Pure Treat

    What does an initial chemical smell say about a fragrance? Does it mean it's cheap or nasty?
    I have Creation Lamis - Pure Treat and the initial spray reveals intoxicating chemical notes.
    It changes to a smell that reminds me of the UK candy called Lovehearts, most like the purple sweet.
    'Launched by the design house of Creation Lamis in 1988, PURE TREAT PERFUME is classified as a sharp, flowery fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of floral mandarin, orange blossom, rose, carnation and cedarwood. It is recommended for casual wear. PURE TREAT Perfume by Creation Lamis for women DESIGN HOUSE - Creation Lamis YEAR INTRODUCED - 1988 FRAGRANCE NOTES - a fruity, floral aroma. RECOMMENDED USE - casual '

    I can't smell half the notes - to me it smells like violet with lots of talc or lilly of the valley/white lilly with 90% talc..

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    Default Re: Creation Lamis - Pure Treat

    Chemicals means nothing bad at all unless they are harmful, and usually, by isolating chemical components from plans/herbs, they can better PREVENT allergies and bad effects.

    Real ingredients usually are used to inflate the price by acting as if they were better just for being natural, and I have read on some Creed reviews (forgot which) that the reason they don't last as long is because they use natural ingredients, the real thing, instead of longer lasting chemicals.

    It is normal that you can't detect half the notes. I think most people can't detect any but one or two main notes, and sometimes, none at all You shouldn't worry at all about it. Also, you don't know the recipee, so maybe they had a drop of cedarwood out of a gallon of it, and list it only to sell to cedarwood lovers Hard to tell!

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