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    Default Fragranza and other mall shops, sell fakes?

    I stopped into my local Fragranza and was actaully blown away by the selection, but what was really shocking were the prices. I never went in because I figured they would be overpriced.
    It was actually the opposite, the prices were very low. They had all the Creeds at least 30% cheaper than Neimans. So my biggest question is, does anyone know if they sell counterfeits? I hope not because I plan on picking up several new scents there.

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    Default Re: Fragranza and other mall shops, sell fakes?

    Unfortunately I cannot give you any sort of difinitive answer, but I can give you my opinion. I have a similar shop in my mall called Almaya Perfumes(or something like that). They have most of the Creeds and a couple of Tom Ford Private Blends, as well as all the other designer stuff. I've got a few Creeds, and I am going to be completely honest. I WOULD NOT buy Creeds from them. Unless they have testers available to smell, then I would not trust it regardless of how cheap they are. I'm sure they aren't fake, but they are probably old or damaged goods. That is just my opinion though. There are plenty of discount websites that offer VERY cheap Creeds that are highly trusted amongst BN such as and I'd trust them before trusting the shop in the mall.

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    Default Re: Fragranza and other mall shops, sell fakes?

    That is good advice, I will stay clear of the Creeds there. I plan on picking up some lower priced frags and seeing what the quality is like.

    For those in the San Fernando valley, this particular store is in Topanga Plaza.

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