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    Default Musk it's what attracts. Is it?

    One thing I find interesting is reading all the comments on bottles of Musk Cologne. They will say how for year's it is conisdered a love potion or an attaractant or whatever. But, I always find a lot of female SA's saying that's to Musky for men or I don't like Musks. So I was wondering what my fellow basenoter's opinions are is Musk really a love potion as Kheil's hints is it what attracts as Coty claims or is it stinky like SA's say? What do you think?

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    Default Re: Musk it's what attracts. Is it?

    i think everyone has completely different taste....i think all of that nonsense about one cologne attracting another is...well.... nonsense...however i am here to tell you musk smells differnt on everyone, especially one like khiels. A good friend of mine wears it and it smells incredible on the guy so i went to buy some and it does not smell near as good on me....i would not listen to what an SA tells you...determine if you think it smells good...if there is someone in your life who you have romantic interest ask them. I dont think humans are capable of detecting pheremones, musk is a naturally known attractant in other animals but not humans, so is it an attractant? Yes. Is it an attractant necessarily for every female when a man wears it? Hell no...i have had girlfriends that love it and women who hate it.
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    Default Re: Musk it's what attracts. Is it?

    Well, sad to say, but nothing works like a real "love potion". Musk frags have their place for men, although I can't say I'm a huge fan. Nothing is a universal attractant in the perfume business.

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    Default Re: Musk it's what attracts. Is it?

    My wife is actually really sensitive to musk and finds it irritating. So you never know.

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