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    Default Profumo interview in Sniffapalooza magazine

    I just learned of an interview of perfumer Dominique Dubrana. Read it HERE.

    Previously, we have discussed of his fragrances HERE and linked/discussed his videos HERE.

    Hindu Kush is one of my favorites. What's especially neat, and I think Dominique would like to hear this, is that when one finds a LVdP perfume to love, you don't just smell it as you would other frags, you inhale it into yourself, as you might inhale the steam from a delicious bowl of stew--you want to take in the scent. The natural ingredients must be credited at least in part for that effect.

    To quote from the Sniffapalooza interview: "Do not trust a perfumer who does not drink his perfumes."

    Chestnut, Whisperingleaves and I have been exploring LVdP fragrances and will likely have more to say soon.

    To try to clarify an assortment of names: French-born Dominique Dubrana conducts his perfume school and business in Italy under the name La Via del Profumo. His Basenotes name is Profumo, and his website is The Perfumed Court lists his fragrances under " (La Via del Profumo)" and the Basenotes directory lists them under "AbdesSalaam Attar Profumo." Got all that?
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    Default Re: Profumo interview in Sniffapalooza magazine

    Quarry, thank you so much for posting this. I really enjoyed reading it this morning. Perhaps I'll get the chance to explore some of these fragrances in 2009. I'm very intersted in the aromatherapeutic and psychological aspects of fragrance. About Mysore sandalwood, it's so hard for me to believe that it's almost unobtainable now. When I was a teenager, around 14 or 15, I used to buy essential and perfume oils from this herb shop, and I remember buying Mysore sandalwood oil for very little money. It was thick and viscous, HIGHLY concentrated, and the odor would last forever - strange, amazing stuff. Who knew it would become nearly extinct? I suppose I was one of those who contributed to it becoming so.

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