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    Default Blue Jeans, Opium, goste


    This is my first post here. I've been trawling this forum and working the search engine in search of some ideas on a fragrance, but I don't seem to have found what I'm after. I hope I'm not retreading old ground too much.

    I'm not new to fragrance, but I'm new to having an active interest in it and seeking to learn more about it.

    I'm looking for a replacement for my beloved Blue Jeans. I picked up a bottle of it just before Christmas, partly because it was on sale and partly because for the nostalgia factor, as I hadn't worn it in years. I've found that I still love it and it works great for me as an everyday scent during the cold winter days, but I would like another fragrance to fill the same role.

    I'm now looking for another daytime, everyday scent for the winter. Going by the advice in posts I've read, I've sampled Givenchy Pi and found it overly sweet and one-dimensional; I smell vanilla and not much else. I thought an oriental fragrance would work, but I sampled Opium PH EDT today and while I quite liked it, I'm not sure about the peppery notes and feel that it would more suited to the evening.

    I'm intrigued by Chanel's goste but I'm unable to sample this one in person, so it would have to be a blind buy. If I find Opium EDT to be too much for the daytime, am I likely to feel the same way about goste?

    Are there any fragrances that are similar to Blue Jeans but more refined? I'm not even sure how to classify it; the advertising blurb calls it a sharp oriental, but to me it seems to straddle more than one category. I'm pretty sure I can smell musk, sandalwood and lavender in there, which I like. I could be wrong about those notes, though; like I said, I'm new.

    Any help would be much appreciated!

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    Default Re: Blue Jeans, Opium, goste

    As someone with relatively little experience- I don't think that you would find Egoiste too much for day time wear- I wore 2 sprays of the concentree to school today and was comfortable with the scent throughout.

    Egoiste is an excellent winter frag IMO- but perhaps too heavy for Summer...

    Opium, is in my experience a night time/ evening out frag- definately too much for every day wear (Again, just my opinion)

    I always felt that Blue Jeans was too powdery on my skin- and I MUCH prefer Egoiste

    Hope I have helped,

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    Default Re: Blue Jeans, Opium, goste

    IIRC, I found Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme to be somewhat similar to Blue Jeans, but it has tobacco notes, so it may also be too spicy for you.

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    Default Re: Blue Jeans, Opium, goste

    Blue Jeans, to me, is all about amber.

    These are the notes, according to scentdirect:
    Top notes: Anise oil, Basil oil, Bergamot oil, Lavender, Rosewood,
    Middle notes: Carnation, Clary Sage oil, Fir, Geranium, Heliotrope, Lily of the Valley,
    Base notes: Amber, Cedar, Musk, Patchouli, Sandal, Tonka, Vanilla,

    I suggest looking for other amber-prominent scents like Ambre Sultan, Baldessarini Ambre, Cote Bastide Ambre and Ambre Cannelle.

    P.S. If you like sandalwood, you'll probably like Egoiste.
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    Default Re: Blue Jeans, Opium, goste

    Thanks for your advice, everyone. I will check out what I can in person. I reckon I'm going to blind buy a bottle of goste, seeing as I won't be able to test it in person, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to like it. Now I have to find a supplier in the UK! had it just the other day, but when I went to place an order, it had disappeared from their inventory! Bummer.

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