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    Default Newb's Month in Review

    A little update here. After becoming a member of this excellent community I have been enjoying the world of fragrance tremendously. I've tested all kinds of scents. What I have are the first four. The ones below are ones I have tested and tried.

    1. Terre d'Hermes - I can't get enough of this stuff. I think I will be a lifer with it. It has become my absolute favorite daily wear.

    2. Azzaro Chrome - a daily favorite of my girlfriend. I like the sharp clean smell. It does smell a bit cheap to me though.

    3. Narciso Rodriguez - A love hate relationship with this one. I like that it is so different from everything else. A very romantic feeling. My girlfriend's favorite. She loves to just smell and smell and says "This is your scent". Sometimes I get disgusted with it on, other times I am comforted by it.

    4. Burberry London - an absolute favorite. Too bad summer is almost year around here in California.

    Bulgari Aqua - I really want to love it. The smell's so good at first spray but then fades quickly. It will just not stay on me, and turns kind of bland.

    Issey Miyake - I sometimes find myself longing to spray this on me to feel great and fresh, but then i find myself getting tired of it.

    Allure Homme Sport - First spray I love, after a bit I want to just wash it off. It brings some unpleasant memory to mind..not sure what.

    D&G pour homme - smells like soap on me..can't explain it. I don't like.

    Aqua di gio - love it, but too common, and also impossible to stay on me.

    Dior homme- too feminine on me. Comment from my girl friend was "old lady" I had to agree. Doesn't work for me.

    Armani Code - makes me think of sensual clubbing. One that would be a winner if I wanted to go pick up on the ladies. A possible addition to my wardrobe.

    La Male - Pretty good. I smell this too frequently though out and about. A little too much for me.

    Guerlain Vetiver - just a bit too boring and old manishish for me.

    These are the highlights of the last couple of months. So far I have the first four fragrances. It is only the beginning.
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    Default Re: Newb's Month in Review

    Good stuff. I'm right there with you on TdH, what a great scent it is, I can't get enough of it.

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    Default Re: Newb's Month in Review

    Quote Originally Posted by wragen22 View Post
    Issey Miyake - I sometimes find myself longing to spray this on me to feel great and fresh, but then i find myself getting tired of it.
    Yes--I must say. Not about Issey Miyake's scent, but about the exactly perfect description of this reaction. Plenty of scents for me have this problem. You like them for some reason, L'Eau d'Issey, for example--excellent citrus and woods, superior duration, very pleasant, nothing wrong with it, friends like it, it's familiar in the barrooms, it even smells very nice--plenty of reasons for longing to spray it on. However it somehow gets boring to wear. No reason I can explain, but it, and many other scents too, just get dull to wear. Likeable as they are, initially at least.

    A perfect description of the phenomenon, Wragen22.
    That girl, that bottle, that mattress and me.

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    Default Re: Newb's Month in Review

    Great reviews, and welcome to the club!

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    Default Re: Newb's Month in Review

    Great post. Thanks for sharing your discoveries. You are off to a great start with the 4 you have chosen.

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    Default Re: Newb's Month in Review

    Terre d'Hermes and Burberry London are really solid fragrances. I live in Northern California and it's cold this time of year so London is one I like to use. Terre d'Hermes can work in all types of weather I'm guessing. I have yet to try it on hot days but I'm sure if you don't overspray it should be fine.

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    Default Re: Newb's Month in Review

    Nice to have company down here in the ranks of newbie. I have not tested anywhere near what you have since I live in a small town but i'm working on it. I find your post informative and it gives me a good idea of scents to explore. Your nose already seems to be a lot more refined than mine. This is what i've accumulated over the past month:

    Polo Original- A comfort scent for me. I had an Uncle who wore this as his signature scent and it smelt marvelous on him. A must own for me.

    Rive Gauche Pour Homme-Beautifully complex scent to my nose. Everytime i've worn it, i've experienced something new and unique about it. Didn't really notice the barbershop feel to it though.

    Givenchy Pi-I was look for a sweet vanilla scent and this delivered. Could of had less of a synthetic smell to it though.

    Canoe-Very inexpensive, but its comfortable for me. Powdery.

    Raw Vanilla by Coty-Initially pleasing, but as it progresses, gains a pungent nature. Inexpensive also.

    Alt Innsbruck-Fresh tobacco. An aftershave product, but longevity is decent. Barbershop quality.

    That's all I have. Got Burberry London ordered and also a sample of Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille. Can't wait to sniff them. Anyways, thanks for the post and good day to you.

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