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    Default My samples arrived

    Alright! My four Creed samples finally arrived today from TPC. Here are my first impressions. The first one I tried was Himalaya. It started off a lot like Eternity (to me anyhow) but then the middle notes and basenotes really smoothed out nicely. I think I like Himalaya already.

    Next, I tried GIT. This is brighter and a little more ferocious than Himalaya. After a bit, the fragrance smelled exactly like speed stick deodorant after a nice workout. Seriously, just like it. I'm gonna try it again a few more times to see if I can get anything else out of it, but if it stays like it did earlier, then this is not a keeper for me.

    After showering and before heading to work, I sprayed on the MI. This stuff smells good. The topnotes are like a subdued melon flavor. Kinda like if a passenger in your car starts chewing a piece of watermelon gum. Not super imposing, but you know it's there. After a while the melon lets up and sits beside a more masculine drydown. So far so good. I'm 2 1/2 hours into it.

    I haven't tried the BdP yet. It's on my list for tomorrow.

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    Default Re: My samples arrived

    Himalaya is my favorite Creed. When I want to wear something "cool & clean", I reach for that.

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