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    Default Help an aromatically illiterate newbie?

    I've been trying and failing for years now to track down a perfume to suit me, and have wasted lots of money on scents which I end up giving away to other people.

    I know roughly what I'm looking for, but I don't have the vocabulary or the understanding of the science of perfume to know how to find it.

    My usual problem is that I deeply dislike musky smells. It seems like most perfumes I pick up from drug store shelves eventually fade to an irritating heavy/dark scent. Like incense... (See, I don't have the right words!)

    Ideally I'd like to find something warm like coconut, vanilla, or honeysuckle, but I've no idea what I should be looking for in a perfume to get those sort of scents.

    At the moment, the perfume I've found that I like most is Flower by Kenzo. It's a little sweet, but light without being boring. Unfortunately, it seems like every other day I pass somebody in the street also wearing it, which is getting a bit old.

    Can anyone help me out, or even just point me in the direction of helpful resources for tracking down a particular kind of scent, and I'll do the homework?

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    Default Re: Help an aromatically illiterate newbie?

    I'm guessing, perhaps incorrectly, that you might like what I think of as "unperfumey" perfumes. The following are, to me, neither musky or "perfumey". (I suspect that what I read as "perfumey" is aldehydes, but I'm not sure.)

    I'm also guessing that you're female, but your profile doesn't say?

    So some of the possibilities:

    Pacifica - fairly simple fruits, flowers, or spices. Tuscan Blood Orange is my favorite.

    Elizabeth W - mostly simple floral notes, like rose, tuberose, etc. The only one I don't like is Neroli & Chamomile.

    CB I Hate Perfume - His perfumes vary a lot, but again, I find them not-perfumey. Tea/Rose, Violet Empire, and Gathering Apples are possibilities.

    Jo Malone - Nice flower and herb blends. My own favorites are White Jasmine & Mint and Sweet LIme & Cedar.

    Some of the Fresh scents - Lemon Sugar and Hesperides are nice straightforward citrus scents. I don't really like most of the others.

    Some of the Artisan scents. In particular, I'd recommend sniffing Tea for Two.


    Edited to add: Once you do find several scents that you like, and/or find an identifiable pattern in those that you hate, then that should start expanding your vocabulary. To accelerate this, I'd recommend Googling all the reviews that you can find of the scents that you sniff, whether you like them or not.
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