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    Default What perfume would give me OV's drydown?

    The title says it all. What perfume you guys know, that would give me OV drydown. I have a big dilemma with this frag. The first time I tried this, it was simply the best I've smelled. The drydown last all day, even after shower, It was still quite strong too. The top and heart notes however was very mild. I hardly smell anything for the first 3 hours. It smells like whole bunch of leaves and grass become one. It was so so so rich. The smell was so strong, but it stops just right at the point where it is almost nauseating. So my nose get as much grass as possible. It was my dream scent. I hope you can find me this kind of scent. Too bad the bottle I bought does not smell the same. Thanks guys!

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    Default Re: What perfume would give me OV's drydown?

    Both Paul Smith Story and Mugler Cologne have a very similar drydown to Original Vetiver by Creed. I like both of them a bit better than OV. Both are very grassy and green in the drydown. Mugler is a little greener and Story has a bit more citrus in the top notes. Both are good.

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    Default Re: What perfume would give me OV's drydown?

    i think guerlain vetiver smells alot like OV......its almost like a synthetic version of it. when i wore guerlain for an hour or 2 i said to myself wow this smells alot like OVs drydown...but then when i put a squirt on each wrist OV smelled so natural and guerlain smelled really synthetic....but you still smell the grass......i guess you get what you pay for.
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    Default Re: What perfume would give me OV's drydown?

    The only perfume that will give you OV's drydown is OV.
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