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    Default "It's not humid enough to wear THAT."

    Do you have fragrances you can only wear in certain weather?

    For me, there are fragrances that give me headaches EXCEPT when it's humid. On this list is anything orange blossom, many of my citruses like Mandarine Tout Simplement, CK Eternity Moment (which I've now retired), and many of the Demeters.

    Hmmm... perhaps if it's humid enough, even I could wear tuberose...
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    Default Re: "It's not humid enough to wear THAT."

    Hi Kotori,

    In my part of the world we have cool rainy springs and cool foggy summers. There are definitely fragrances that I "save" for weather conditions that involve a certain dampness in the air. I have not been living anyplace lately, however, that has hot/humid weather anytime.

    I've found that mossy, fougere, and chypre fragrances have elements which come alive in dampness. Some florals do too - as you pointed out, neroli/orange blossom seems to agree with humidity. I'm not a collector of tuberose fragrances, but I notice that my Tubereuse Couture from Parfumerie Generale definitely displays itself in a more full-bodied way when I wear it in rain or fog.

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    Default Re: "It's not humid enough to wear THAT."

    Beyond Paradise is gorgeous in hot, humid weather. I tried it yesterday as an experiment on another thread, and think it worked out because the weather was unseasonably warm and I was walking around outside all day. But it never smells as nice as it did in the 85 weather of south Florida last year.

    And I'm opposite from you-- I have trouble with white florals (jasmine, orange blossom, and tuberose) in the heat, but I've discovered they're very lovely in cool, sunny weather, like early spring.

    I only wear Paloma Picasso edp in the winter, lightly. I love it, but it makes me nauseous for the first 20 minutes or so. The weather needs to be very cold to keep those big, chypre florals in check.
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    Default Re: "It's not humid enough to wear THAT."

    Fracas. I love this frag but it only smells as it should in nice humid, hot weather ( which we have plenty of in the summer!)

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